Los Angeles (The Brilliant Green album)

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Los Angeles
Studio album by The Brilliant Green
Released January 1, 2001 (2001-01-01)
Label DefStar Records
The Brilliant Green chronology
Terra 2001
Los Angeles
The Winter Album

Los Angeles is the third album by Japanese rock band The Brilliant Green, released in 2001. This album represented a shift in the band's sound, from the 1960s-influenced jangle pop to a darker, heavier early 90's shoegaze sound. When The Brilliant Green was featured on Time Magazine's "Ten Best Bands On Planet Earth" article, it was Los Angeles that was listed as their key album.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Tomoko Kawase, all songs arranged by The Brilliant Green.

No. Title Music Length
1. "The Lucky Star ☆☆☆" (9th single) Shunsaku Okuda 4:17
2. "Yeah I Want You Baby" Shunsaku Okuda 2:31
3. "Angel Song -Eve no Kane- (-イヴの鐘-; -Bell of the eve-)" (11th single) Shunsaku Okuda 4:19
4. "Sayonara Summer Is Over (サヨナラ summer is over; Good-bye, summer is over)" Shunsaku Okuda 4:07
5. "Hidoi Ame (ヒドイ雨; a heavy rain)" Ryo Matsui 4:45
6. "☆Falling Star in Your Eyes" Shunsaku Okuda 3:21
7. "It's Up to You!" Ryo Matsui 2:30
8. "Kuroi Tsubasa (黒い翼; Black wings)" (B-side of 11th single) Shunsaku Okuda 3:09
9. "Los Angeles" (Instrumental) Shunsaku Okuda, Ryo Matsui 2:05
10. "Hello Another Way -Sorezore no Basho- (-それぞれの場所-; -Our own places-) (Album Mix)" (The different version of 10th single) Shunsaku Okuda 5:31
11. "I Can Hold Your Hand Baby" Shunsaku Okuda 4:27


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