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The Los Angeles County Counsel is a Los Angeles county governmental agency that acts as legal advocates and advisers to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, and other governmental agencies.


The Los Angeles County Counsel was established in 1913 pursuant to the Los Angeles County Charter and the California Constitution.[1][2]

County Counsel[edit]

The County Counsel department is headed by the Los Angeles County Counsel, an appointed county officer tasked to provide legal advice and representation to the LA County Board of Supervisors, along with the county officers, departments and other public agencies in the county.[1]

County Counsel Term[1]
A.J. Hill 1913-1923
Edward T. Bishop 1923-1926
Everett W. Mattoon 1926-1938
J.H. O'Connor 1938-1945
Harold W. Kennedy 1945-1967
John D. Maharg 1967-1973
John H. Larson 1973-1983
DeWitt W. Clinton 1983-1998
Lloyd W. Pellman 1998-2004
Raymond G. Fortner, Jr. 2004-2009
Robert Kalunian (acting) 2009-2010
Andrea Ordin 2010-2012
John F. Krattli 2012-2014
Mark J. Saladino November 2014-July 2015
Mary C. Wickham July 2015 - Present


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