Los Angeles School Of Global Studies

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Los Angeles School of Global Studies
Los Angeles, California
Type Public
Established 2006
Principal Christian Quintero
Campus Urban
Color(s) Teal and Black
Mascot Cobras

The Los Angeles School of Global Studies (LASGS), located at 322 S. Lucas Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90017, is a separate school occupying space within the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex. LASGS opened in the fall of 2006 with only Freshman and Sophomore classes as one of four New Technology High Schools in the Los Angeles area. In the 2008-2009 school-year they reached their target and current capacity of 360 students in their first year with all four grade levels.

New Tech Network schools promote the use of Project Based Learning and the team-teaching of courses. LASGS in particular has made a concerted effort to integrate those team-taught courses. Most notably all Humanities courses are taught in this model and although there are still come modifications being made to the Math and Science pairings, they are also team-taught and integrated at a far higher level than most other schools in the network. The GeoDesign course that is currently taught by Dina Mahmood, Geometry teacher, and David Brown, Design Media instructor, is another integrated, co-taught course offered to all students at LA Global Studies.


LASGS was established on September 5, 2006.

President of the United States Barack Obama visited the school for a town hall on March 19, 2009, where a large crowd filled the gymnasium.

in 2012 a new principal, Christian Quintero, took the reins of LASGS.

"The Globe Reporting the news since 2005" The Globe existed since 2005.

The film "Never Backdown" was also filmed at the school campus.

A program called youth voices is a school-based Social network that was started in 2003.

In 2011 a couple of UCLA Professors and students designed an 18 ft by 334 ft Digital mural


Los Angeles School of Global Studies (LASGS) is a project-based learning school LASGS students work in many kinds of projects. The students work together and collaborate in many different projects that require communication and critical thinking in order to answer a driving question or a challenging question. They always work in groups and the period of time is for a month or more. The students at LASGS use websites such as echo. Echo is a website that supports Project Based Learning schools such as LASGS. The goal of Los Angeles School of Global Studies is to prepare students to excel in an information-based and technologically advanced society.

Project examples[edit]

Of Mice and Men Trial - Students read the book “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck and put on a trial by answering a driving question related to the book.

The Upstander project - Students created their own art piece to explain how we can stand up to intolerance and preserve human dignity and created a museum with all the art pieces.

Project Home - Students answered a driving question, “How do we design affordable housing?” and chose a customer to create a floor design with the client’s needs.

Weebly site (Resume) - Students created their own page on weebly with information about them and dressed professional to present to the class.

Online Predators Project - Students answered this question “How can teenagers be safe and secure in the online environment?” and created a slideshow with a story.

Angelenos Book - Students wrote the book sharing their life experiences with the world.


Los Angeles School Of Global Studies Awards[edit]

Global studies has won a New Tech Network award. It was on July 26, 2012, there was a New Tech National Educational Conference "It is my plessure to recognize the outstanding teaching and learning demonstrated said Lydia Pobyns, President of New Tech Network, " Also this award is an honor and we are proud to be recognized for our work in the community and with our students," said Christian Quientero who was recently promoted to principal.

On July 20, 2012 Global Studies has won an award of Chan P. Wick Award for social justice in the Tech National Annual Conference (TNAC). This award is given to a school that demonstrates success in closing the achievement gap for underserved students.

Student awards[edit]

  • Collaboration Awards
  • Professionalism Awards
  • Critical Thinking
  • Behaviour Awards


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