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The Los Angeles Avenues refer to a series of 67 numbered streets in Northeast Los Angeles, located north of Downtown in Los Angeles, California.

These Los Angeles avenues give their name to the Avenues gang


The street grid begins at the Los Angeles River with Avenue 16, as there are fifteen streets north of 1st Street in Downtown, but they were already named. They Arroyo Seco Parkway (Pasadena Freeway) features extremely tight curves on its exit and entrance ramps for the avenues.

Communities with the avenues include: Cypress Park, Frogtown, Glassell Park, Highland Park, Lincoln Heights, and Mt. Washington.


Avenue 20[edit]

see San Fernando Road

Avenue 26[edit]

One Metro station:

Avenue 36[edit]

One Metro station:

Avenue 43[edit]

Lummis House is located on East Ave. 43 in Montecito Heights

Avenues 46-48[edit]

These were never constructed along Figueroa Street; Sycamore Park is in their place. Avenues 46 and 47 exist along York Blvd, but Avenue 48 was renamed Campus Road One Metro station:

Avenue 57[edit]

One Metro station:

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