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This article covers streets in Los Angeles between and including 1st Street and 10th Street. Major streets have their own linked articles; minor streets are discussed here.

These streets run parallel to each other, roughly east-west.

Streets change from west to east (for instance West 1st Street to East 1st Street) at Main Street.

All of these streets run through Downtown Los Angeles. In addition, many of the streets also run through Westlake and Boyle Heights.

1st, 4th, 6th/Whittier, 7th, and Olympic have crossings over the Los Angeles River; the others do not.



Street West East # of lanes Traffic direction Additional notes Image
1st Street North Croft Avenue Atlantic Boulevard
(Monterey Park)
2-6 two-way Regional Connector Los Angeles City Hall (color) edit1.jpg
2nd Street South Martel Avenue South Dangler Avenue
(East LA)
2 two-way 2nd Street Tunnel
Regional Connector
Weller Court LA.jpg
3rd Street Alpine Drive
(Beverly Hills)
Woods Avenue
(East LA)
2-4 westbound (Downtown)
two-way (elsewhere)
Third Street Los Angeles.jpg
4th Street South La Cienega Boulevard Hillview Avenue
(East LA)
2-4 eastbound (Downtown)
two-way (elsewhere)
Subway Terminal Building.jpg
5th Street San Vicente Boulevard South McDonnell Avenue
(East LA)
2-4 westbound (Downtown)
two-way (elsewhere)
6th Street San Vicente Boulevard
Saint Louis Avenue
Sixth Street Viaduct
Harding Avenue
(East LA)
2-4 eastbound (Downtown)
two-way (elsewhere)
see also Whittier Boulevard Sixth Street Bridge over Los Angeles River.jpg
7th Street South Norton Avenue South Indiana Street 2-4 two-way Macarthur Park.jpg
8th Street San Vicente Boulevard Olympic Boulevard 2-4 westbound (Downtown)
two-way (elsewhere)
James M. Wood Boulevard
(9th Street)
Hauser Boulevard Gladys Avenue 2-4 eastbound (Downtown)
two-way (elsewhere)
see also Olympic Boulevard
Olympic Boulevard
(10th Street)
5th Street
(Santa Monica)
Tobias Avenue
(Pico Rivera)
2-4 two-way Tenth Street School.jpg


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