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Los Barriles ("The Barrels") is a town (population 1,174) in La Paz Municipality, Baja California Sur, Mexico.[1] It is situated along Highway 1, 40 miles (64 km) north of San José del Cabo and 65 miles (105 km) south of La Paz. Punta Pescadero Airstrip is 9 miles (14 km) to the north; Rancho Leonero, a vacation resort, is to the south. Adjacent to Buena Vista, the rural towns straddle the head of Bahía las Palmas on the Gulf of California,[2] where winter westerlies average 20–25 knots (37–46 km/h; 23–29 mph). Los Barriles is within the transition area of the Baja California peninsula's Sierra de la Laguna where the hills become sandy flats.[3]

Mexican starfish mutation, the Devil Star, found in the Gulf of California between Los Barriles and La Paz.

Known for its flyfishing,[4] Los Barriles is also Baja's kitesurfing and windsurfing capital.[5] The town's port was closed on 2 September during the 2013 Pacific hurricane season's Tropical Storm Lorena. In 2006, the Shakespeare Theatre Association's annual conference was held in Los Barriles.[6]

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Coordinates: 23°39′00″N 109°42′00″W / 23.6500°N 109.7000°W / 23.6500; -109.7000