Los Bunkers

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Los Bunkers
Los Bunkers.jpg
Background information
OriginConcepción, Biobío, Chile
GenresAlternative rock, indie rock, folk rock
Years active
  • 1999–2014
  • 2021
LabelsBig Sur Records (2001)
Columbia/Sony Music (2002–2003)
[La Oreja/Feria Music (2005–2007)
Universal Music (2008–2012)
Evolución/OCESA Seitrack (2012–present)
Past membersÁlvaro López
Mauricio Durán
Francisco Durán
Gonzalo López
Mauricio Basualto
Manuel Lagos

Los Bunkers (Spanish for The Bunkers) is an alternative rock band from Concepción, Chile, formed in 1999 by brothers Álvaro and Gonzalo López, Mauricio Basualto, and brothers Francisco and Mauricio Durán.

They are well known in their country for their contemporary sounds of rock, based on sounds of the 1960s, from bands like The Beatles, and also including sounds from their folk roots.[1] The band name is essentially a play on words that at the simplest level recalls Chilean rock groups of the 1960s like Los Jokers and Los Sonnys. The use of the letter B and K was also considered to be desirable by the band as it aligned themselves with some of their biggest music idols such as The Beatles and The Kinks. Finally the word Bunkers is also symbolic of the refuge that the band and music had become against all that surrounded them [2]


United initially by their common love for The Beatles,[3] Los Bunkers have shown over the years a growing interest in the composition of Chilean folk roots, especially those working during the 1960s movement of the New Chilean Song. Between these two related creative influences, the band creates music associated with classic rock but with a new freshness, plus an exceptional flexibility that has allowed them to maintain a healthy pace of new albums.

Los Bunkers is one of the three Chilean groups to appear at the Festival Lollapalooza Chicago 2011. They also appeared in Lollapalooza Santiago the same year.


Current members
  • Álvaro López - vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion
  • Francisco Durán - vocals, keyboards, synthesizers, rhythm guitar
  • Mauricio Durán - lead guitar, keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals
  • Gonzalo López - bass, backing vocals
  • Mauricio Basualto - drums, percussion
Former members
  • Manuel Lagos - drums (1999–2001)


Studio albums/EPs[edit]

  • Jamás (Spanish for Never) (EP) (2000; self-released)
  • Los Bunkers (Spanish for The Bunkers) (April 3, 2001; Big Sur Records)
  • Canción de Lejos (Spanish for Song From Afar) (June 6, 2002; Big Sur Records)
  • La Culpa (Spanish for The Guilt) (October 3, 2003; Sony Music)
  • Vida de Perros (Spanish for Dog's Life) (September 8, 2005; Sony Music)
  • Barrio Estación (Spanish for Station Neighborhood) (June 10, 2008; Universal Music)
  • Música Libre (Spanish for Free Music) (November 12, 2010; Universal Music)
  • La velocidad de la luz (Spanish for The speed of light) (May 14, 2013; Evolución Records)


  • Singles 2001-2006 (CD/DVD) (October 2007;[4] Sony Music)

Live albums/DVDs[edit]

  • En Vivo (November 16, 2006; La Oreja Records)
  • Los Bunkers, Live in Concert (April 24, 2007; La Oreja Records)


Year Song Album
2000 "El Detenido" (Spanish for The Detainee) Los Bunkers
"Fantasías Animadas de Ayer y Hoy" (Spanish for Animated Fantasies of Yesterday & Today)
2001 "Entre Mis Brazos" (Spanish for Between My Arms)
"Yo Sembré Mis Penas de Amor en tu Jardín" (Spanish for I Planted my Grieves of Love in your Garden)
2002 "Miño" Canción de Lejos
"Las Cosas Que Cambié y Dejé Por Ti" (Spanish for The Things I Changed and Left For You)
"Pobre Corazón" (Spanish for Poor Heart)
2003 "Canción de Lejos" (Spanish for Song From Far Away)
"No Me Hables de Sufrir" (Spanish for Don't Talk to Me About Suffering) La Culpa
"Canción Para Mañana" (Spanish for Song For Tomorrow)
2004 "La Exiliada del Sur" (Spanish for The Exiled Woman from the South)
"Cura de Espanto" (Spanish for Cure for the Fright)
2005 "Ven Aquí" (Spanish for Come Here) Vida de Perros
"Llueve Sobre la Ciudad" (Spanish for Raining Over The City)
2006 "Ahora Que No Estás" (Spanish for Now That You're Not Here)
"Miéntele" (Spanish for Lie To Him)
2007 "Y Volveré" (Spanish for And I'll Be Back)
2008 "Deudas" (Spanish for Debts) Barrio Estación
"Me Muelen A Palos" (Spanish for They Beat Me to Death)
"Nada Nuevo Bajo El Sol" (Spanish for Nothing New Under The Sun)
2009 "Fiesta" (Spanish for Party)
"Una Nube Cuelga Sobre Mí" (Spanish for A Cloud Hangs Over Me)
2010 "Sueño Con Serpientes" (Spanish for I Dream With Snakes) Música Libre
"Quién Fuera" (Spanish for Whoever It Was)
2011 "Angel Para Un Final" (Spanish for Angel For An Ending)
"Santiago de Chile"
"La Era Está Pariendo Un Corazón" (Spanish for The Era Is Giving Birth to a Heart)
2013 "Bailando Solo" (Spanish for Dancing By Myself) La velocidad de la luz
"Si estás pensando mal de mí" (Spanish for If You're Thinking Wrongly About Me")