Los Feliz Boulevard

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Los Feliz Boulevard treelined with Deodar trees, heading east near Los Feliz and Edgemont

Los Feliz Boulevard is a street in Glendale and Los Angeles.

The west-east thoroughfare runs through Los Angeles and Glendale. It starts off at its east most point at Glendale Avenue as Los Feliz Road. After passing the railroad tracks in Glendale west most section, it enters Los Angeles and changes to Los Feliz Boulevard.

Los Feliz passes through Atwater Village and Griffith Park. After Griffith Park, it swerves to a north-south street and ends. It then merges and becomes Western Avenue which in turns and runs all the way down to its termination point near the tide pools in the San Pedro area.

Notable landmarks[edit]


The following lines operate on Los Feliz Boulevard:


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