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Los Horóscopos de Durango is one of the longest recording groups in the Regional Mexican genre performing Duranguense banda.

This successful group was started by Dn. Armando Terrazas in Chicago during 1975.[1] As of 2006, it is led by Vicky and Marisol Terrazas, backed by Leo Terrazas (vocals and sax), Martin Alonso Leyva (vocals and sax), Oscar Ponce (tamboron, keyboards), Gerardo (vocals and tamboron), Roberto Marin(keyboard and Tuba), and Hector Villasenor(drums). This group has performed with success throughout Mexico and the United States.

Some of their achievements include:

  1. Winners of three Billboard Music Awards in 2005:
    • Regional Mexican Album of the Year
    • Most air-played song in the "Regional Mexican genre"
    • Regional Mexican Song of the Year
  2. Winners of two Billboard Awards in 2006:
    • Regional Mexican Album of the Year
    • Regional Mexican Song of the Year.
  3. Winners of one Latin Grammy 2007 :
    • Band Album of the Year ("Desatados")
  4. Winners of one the Latin Awards delivered by The American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) with this same Hernaldo Zúñiga's song:
    • Best Regional Song 2007
  5. Winners of one award Lo Nuestro 2008:
    • Duranguense Artist of the Year
  6. Nominated by the Latin Grammy Awards:
    • Album of the Year 2004
    • Album of the Year 2005
  7. Nominated in three categories for Premios Que Buena in 2004.
  8. Nominated by Billboard Latin Music Award 2008, the song was ¿Cómo Te Va Mi Amor? by the nicaraguan composer Hernaldo Zúñiga:
    • Regional Mexican Airplay Song Of The Year, Female Group or Female Solo Artist

As of Summer 2007, Braulio Muro, Ismael Hernandez, and Noel Garcia have left the group to make their own with the name Dezatados.

In 2007, the group appeared on Dominican singer Anaís' album Con Todo Mi Corazón. They performed her hit single "Sólo Mio" with her on the album.

One of the group's songs, "Antes Muertas que Sencillas", was composed by Spanish singer María Isabel. She used it as her entry into the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004. María Isabel won the contest. She later used it in her first CD, named No me Toques las Palmas que me Conozco ("Don't clap Because I Know Myself" suggesting that once she hears clapping she can't help but to sing and dance).


  • Puras de Rompe y Rasga (2003)
  • Locos De Amor (2004)
  • Recordando el "Terre" (2004)
  • A Tamborazo Limpio (2004)
  • Con Sabor a Polkas (2005)
  • Y Seguimos con Duranguense (2005)
  • En Vivo Gira Mexico (2005)
  • Antes Muertas Que Sencillas (2006)
  • Desatados (2006)
  • Ayer, Hoy y Siempre (2007)
  • Houston Rodeo Live (2008)
  • Pura Pasion (2009)
  • La Guera y La Morena (2010)
  • Viejitas Pero Buenas... Pa' Pistear (2012)
  • Las Chicas Malas (2013)


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