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For the metro station in Buenos Aires, see Los Incas/Parque Chas (Buenos Aires Metro).

Los Incas is a group known for Andean music. Argentinian musician of (charango, guitar) Jorge Milchberg, is credited as the founder of Los Incas (as "El Inca"), later known as Urubamba (band).

They are best known in North America for accompanying Simon and Garfunkel on the song "El Cóndor Pasa (If I Could)" written by Daniel Alomías Robles, Paul Simon & Jorge Milchberg included on the duo's fifth album, Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Later on, they provided accompaniment on "Duncan", featured on Paul Simon's first solo album Paul Simon, and toured with Simon (as Urubamba (band)) in the early seventies, appearing on the Live Rhymin' album and releasing a pair of albums under their new name. In later years, they reverted to their original name of Los Incas and released several more albums on the French Buda Records label.



  • Urubamba (as Urubamba), 1973
  • Un Pedazo de Infinito, 1982
  • El Cóndor Pasa, 1985
  • Alegria, 1995
  • Un Instant d'éternité, 1996
  • Los Incas en Concierto, 2000 (live album)
  • El Ultimo, 2002

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