Los Luchadores

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Los Luchadores
Created byShawn Williamson
Developed byBrad Markowitz
StarringMaximo Morrone
Levi James
Sarah Carter
Arthur Burghardt
Voices ofGary Lam
Theme music composerPaul Gordon
Ron Kenan
Shuki Levy
Country of originCanada
United States
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes16
Executive producer(s)Brad Markowitz
Lance H. Robbins
James Shavick
Producer(s)Fox Family Channel
Saban Entertainment
Shavick Entertainment
Rainmaker Digital Pictures (Special Effects)
Running time22 mins
DistributorSaban International
Original networkYTV
Fox (Fox Kids)
Original releaseFebruary 1 –
July 1, 2001

Los Luchadores is a Canadian-American live-action children's television series that played as part of the Fox Kids programming block in 2001 produced by Saban Entertainment and Shavick Entertainment. The rights to this series are owned by Disney due to their purchase of the Saban Entertainment, Fox Family and Fox Kids/Fox Children's Productions library in 2001.


The series was about a group of lucha libre wrestlers led by Lobo Fuerte who, along with Turbine and Maria Valentine, with a little help with Laurent, fought villains such as the Whelp. The series title is translated as "The Wrestlers" or "The Fighters" from Spanish. Los Luchadores were the defenders of Union City. It was their job to protect Union City from a slew of different enemies and the bumbling antics of Mayor Potts.


  • Lobo Fuerte (portrayed by Maximo Morrone) - The greatest masked wrestler in Union City who leads the Los Luchadores into fighting evil in Union City. His headquarters is in the Wolf's Lair on top of the Lobo Tower.
  • Turbine (portrayed by Levi James) - He is one of Lobo Fuerte's sidekicks and rides a motorcycle.
  • Maria Valentine (portrayed by Sarah Carter) - She is one of Lobo Fuerte's sidekicks.
  • Laurent (portrayed by Arthur Burghardt) - The Jamaican trainer and tech support of the Los Luchadores.


  • The Whelp (portrayed by Cuervo, performed by Paul Jarrett and Bill Terezakis, voiced by Gary Lam, understudied by Lee Tockar in "The Whelp Strikes Back") - Cesar is the pet Chihuahua of Dr. Jacob Mueller. He eventually becomes an evil genius through a freak accident during Los Luchadores' fight with Mueller's former assistant Douglas Slade that resulted in some of Slade's evil being transferred into him. While he wears a metal covering over his left ear and eye, the Whelp wears a special translator collar so that his minions can understand him. In addition, the Whelp rides a robotic suit when fighting Lobo Fuerte.
    • Whelpettes (portrayed by Anita Brown and Sonya Salomaa) - Two females who are servants of the Whelp.
    • Bone Warriors - The skull-masked minions of The Whelp.

Other characters[edit]

  • Mayor Potts (portrayed by Dave Hurtubise) - The bumbling Mayor of Union City. While he truly meant to do only good for Union City, things just seemed to always take a turn for the worse.
    • Gertrude (portrayed by Nancy Robertson) - Mayor Potts' aide.


  1. Ay, Chihuahua: Series pilot. Douglas Slade, the former assistant of a scientist named Jacob Mueller, escapes from prison and forces Mueller turns himself into a hybrid monstrosity that involves the injection of cheetah and lizard DNA as a way to make him whole again. After some other injections and becoming Freakshow, he plans to obtain Lobo Fuerte's heart so that he can have a warrior's spirit.
  2. Bad to the Bone: Following Los Luchadores' fight with Freakshow that transferred some of his evil into him, The Whelp makes himself known to Lobo and Turbine when he plans to resurrect a long dead pirate Louie Andre LaFeet who was said to have aligned himself with dark forces.
  3. Confrontation in the Constellation: Lobo is captured by aliens to fight in a wrestling match.
  4. The Pyramid of Doom: The trio must save campers from becoming meals for aliens. They find an ally in a deaf girl that was immune to their sonic device.
  5. Anxiety Attacks:
  6. The Whelp Strikes Back: As Maria goes on a date with Dirk Layden, she learns that he is working for the Whelp who sends a robotic double to infiltrate the Wolf Tower and prepare it for the Whelp's plan to unleash his shrinking cannon.
  7. Lobo Limbo:
  8. The Mask of Diablo Azul: Turbine becomes possessed by an evil mask that was worn by Diablo Azul which compels him to raise the dead.
  9. The Brain Drain:
  10. It’s a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World:
  11. Here Comes the Sludge: Lobo Fuerte's old friend Dr. Maxine Harris has invented the Ion Particle Stabilizer which would become a destabilizer if it overheats. The invention would help in stabilizing the ozone. Unfortunately, the Ion Particle Stabilizer attracts the attention of the Whelp who uses an invention to switch minds with Lobo Fuerte so that he can use his body to get pass the security system guarding it.
  12. A Good Whelp is Hard to Find:
  13. Puppy Love: Union City is opening its water treatment plant. The Whelp has developed a chemical that causes anyone exposed to it into Bone Warriors like how he tested it on tag-team wrestlers Motley and Gnarly as well as the wrestler Hog. With the Whelp's plan to infect the water treatment plant with it, Lobo Fuerte must thwart this plan before Mayor Potts activates the water treatment plant.
  14. World Without Lobo:
  15. The Champ:
  16. Along Came a Spider:


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