Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2007

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Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2007
Date 18 October 2007
Location Palacio de los Deportes
in Mexico City
Country Mexico
Hosted by Diego Luna

The annual Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2007 took place on 18 October 2007 in Mexico City at the Palacio de los Deportes for the second time in a row.

On 25 July 2007 the local government announced they will invest 10 million pesos on the show's planning and that they will have 16 giant screens around the city to broadcast the event live.

There were 3 new categories: Best Urban Artist, Influence Award and Fashionista.

Diego Luna was the host for the third time. He previously co-hosted the 2002 edition and hosted the 2003 edition.

Belinda Peregrin was the most nominated female artist of the year.

Café Tacuba were expected to play live on the show, but one day before the show MTV cancelled their presentation because according to MTV politics they can't have any other activities except for the ones MTV has planned for them in the upcoming week. The band are expected to play on "Las Lunas del Auditorio" on 24 October 2007.

It was announced during the red carpet that 12 million votes were counted for the different categories.

Jose Tillan was the Executive Producer of the event.


Winners in bold.

Artist of the Year[edit]

Video of the Year[edit]

Song of the Year[edit]

Best Solo Artist[edit]

Best Group or Duet[edit]

Best Pop Artist[edit]

Best Rock Artist[edit]

Best Urban Artist[edit]

Best Alternative Artist[edit]

Best Independent Artist[edit]

No public voting

Best Pop Artist — International[edit]

Best Rock Artist — International[edit]

Best New Artist — International[edit]

Best Artist — North[edit]

Best New Artist — North[edit]

Best Artist — Central[edit]

Best New Artist — Central[edit]

Best Artist — South[edit]

Best New Artist — South[edit]

  • Bicicletas
  • Inmigrantes
  • Ella Es Tan Cargosa
  • Las Pastillas del Abuelo
  • Pánico Ramírez

MTV Tr3́s Viewer's Choice Award — Best Pop Artist[edit]

MTV Tr3́s Viewer's Choice Award — Best Urban Artist[edit]

MTV Tr3́s Viewer's Choice Award — Best New Artist[edit]

Breakthrough Artist[edit]

Promising Artist[edit]

No public voting

Fashionista Award — Female[edit]

Fashionista Award — Male[edit]

"Agent of Change" Award[edit]

Influence Award[edit]



Memorable Moments[edit]

  • One day before the show, MTV cancelled the presentation of Café Tacuba, one of the most expected and publicised. According to MTV politics they can't have any other activities except the ones MTV had planned for them for the upcoming week and Café Tacuba had already booked a presentation for "Las Lunas del Auditorio" on 24 October 2007.
  • There was a power blackout during the show, just before the live performance of Hilary Duff.
  • RBD, Maná, Paulina Rubio and Belinda were booed by the audience when they appeared on stage to present an award or perform.

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