Los Relámpagos del Norte

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Los Relámpagos del Norte was a norteño band formed in the early 1960s by Cornelio Reyna and Ramón Ayala. The band is best known as a duo. Cornelio Reyna was the lead singer and bajo sexto player, while Ramon Ayala was the background vocalist and the accordion player. After successful careers together, Cornelio and Ramon parted ways in the early 1970s. They later reunited in 1996 to record a live album which was successful among their core audience. The duo had plans to record a new album, but Cornelio Reyna died in January 1997.

This band is respected in the norteño music world and is one of the founding bands for the genre. Servando Cano, the representative of Los Relampagos Del Norte currently represents various bands of similar style. These include Ramon Ayala, Intocable, Los Tigres del Norte, El Poder del Norte, Pesado, Duelo, La Firma, Invasores de Nuevo León, Herederos de Nuevo León, La Leyenda and several others.


  • Tengo un corazón
  • Rey de reyes (1996)
  • En Vivo (1997)

"Ya No Llores"

"El Disco de Oro"

"Los Relampagos Strike Again - Vol. 3"

"Estamos En Algo"

"Callejon Sin Salida"

"Con La Tinta de Mi Sangre"

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