Los secretos de Lucía

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Los secretos de Lucía
Created by Jörg Hiller
Starring Irán Castillo
Juan Pablo Raba
Maritza Bustamante
Julián Gil
Plutarco Haza
Roberto Escobar
Luis Gerónimo Abreu
Yul Bürkle
Mimí Lazo
Ivan Tamayo
Aroldo Betancourt
Opening theme "Tengo un Secreto" by Chino & Nacho
Country of origin Venezuela
United States
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 75[1]
Executive producer(s) Manuel Federico Fraíz-Grijalba
Location(s) Caracas, Venezuela
Bogotá, Colombia
Miami, United States
Camera setup Multi-camera
Production company(s) Venevisión
Venevision International
Univision Studios
Original network Venevisión Plus
Picture format 1080 HD
Original release April 22 – August 4, 2014
Preceded by El Señor de los Cielos
External links
Website www.venevision.com.ve/programa/los-secretos-de-lucia/

Los secretos de Lucía (Lucia's Secrets) is a Venezuelan telenovela produced by Venevisión in conjunction with Univision Studios and BE-TV.[2] The telenovela is an original story from Colombian writer Jorg Hiller.[3][4]

Irán Castillo and Juan Pablo Raba[5] star as the main protagonists while Julián Gil, Maritza Bustamante and Plutarco Haza star as the main antagonists.

As of February 3, Cadenatres began broadcasting Los Secretos de Lucía at 8 pm. As of April 22, Venevisión Plus will be broadcasting Los Secretos de Lucía at 10 pm.


In a hostile world full of violence unfolds the story of the beautiful Lucia, a woman fleeing without knowing why, because of a mysterious event that left her amnesiac, which has clouded not only her memories, but also the meaning of her life. All she knows is that she must escape from those who want to hurt her, never imagining that amid the frantic race that has become her life, she meets Miguel, a young and handsome mechanic who, impressed by the beauty of Lucia, decides to help her regardless of the consequences.

Love does not slow to appear and be their constant companion in the midst of the most breathtaking escape. At times, flashes of light past memories and Lucia and is terrible discoveries made, is the daughter of a vicious arms dealer and she has been involved in this business and also in countless violent deaths. So, Lucy is discovered as a criminal and that is one of its many names.

Be consistent with this life, be looked to question the values that feel like themselves, to sacrifice his love for Michael and move forward on a path that knows wrong. So Lucia rebels against his past and confronts him, to see if he still has time to redeem himself.

Lucia and Miguel raffled great difficulties along the dangerous adventure that has become their lives, adventure that will scroll through unimaginable scenarios for the common denominator, where death is always lurking, while being chased mercilessly beyond any border.

Will clean your sins Lucia? Is he ready to start a new life?

Lucia's secrets ... an exciting journey, unpredictable, surprising, looking for a new opportunity.



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