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Los Teques Metro
Los Teques Metro at Las Adjuntas station.
Locale Los Teques, Miranda, Venezuela
Transit type Rapid transit
Number of lines 1
Number of stations 5
Daily ridership 20,000 (approx. daily average)[1]
Began operation November 3, 2006[1]
Operator(s) Metro de Caracas
System length 10.2 km (6.3 mi)[1]
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) (standard gauge)
System map
Current and future lines of Los Teques Metro system.

The Los Teques Metro is a suburban mass-transit system that is being built in the city of Los Teques, Venezuela with connections to important surrounding cities and communities. It was opened to public service on November 3, 2006.[1] The Los Teques Metro currently operates one service (branded as lines 1 and 2 for the two parts of the system) connecting 5 stations, with additional stations for Line 2 under construction.

The system connects the city of Los Teques with the capital city of Caracas. The Los Teques Metro is operated by Metro de Caracas – as such, it is effectively a subsidiary/extension of the Caracas Metro, and is widely viewed as part of that system.[2] It is ascribed to the Venezuelan government and the Ministry of Infrastructure. The government of Miranda State and the mayorship of the Guaicaipuro Municipality are also financing its development.

The currently operating line runs for 10.2 kilometers (6.3 mi),[1] parallel to the San Pedro River, establishing a link between Las Adjuntas and Independencia Stations.


The subway plans date back to 1982 when it was first proposed. However, it wouldn't be until October 19, 1998 when the Metro de Los Teques transit corporation was created (now defunct) in order to carry out management, administrative duties and civil works related to the project. It was supposed to alleviate the congestion of the Panamerican Highway and ease commuting between the two cities, because of their proximity. The operation was subsequently taken over by Metro de Caracas and plans were extended to include expansion to San Antonio and a 3rd line to connect to 2nd point in Caracas.

Construction for the first phase began in 2001 with works including the canalization of the San Pedro River, the tunneling and building of the bridges until reaching Las Adjuntas. It is estimated that the project cost was about 800 million US dollars.

The metro system began with restricted operations:

  • 1 railway through a single tunnel;
  • 1 or 2 trains;
  • Monday to Friday service between 5:15 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., and later from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.;
  • limited weekend service,

on November 3, 2006.


The second rail within the same tunnel was formally inaugurated October 22, 2007. Trial and testing period continued with additional trains and full 7 day service from 5:10 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. implemented on November 19, 2007.

The 9.5-kilometer (5.9 mi)[1] ride between Las Adjuntas and Alí Primera as of January 2, 2007 is 1,500 bolívares (1.5 bolívares fuertes, 75 US cents) for a one way ride and the price includes a subway ride within the Caracas Metro network.

Type Coverage Fare Notes
Subway One Way One ride to or from Los Teques to any Caracas Metro station 1,500 bolívares (1.5 bolívares fuertes, 0.72 USD) Valid for all Caracas Metro stations
Return Trip 2 rides 2,900 bolívares (Bs.F 2.9, 1.38 USD) same as above
Multi-Abono 10 rides 14,000 bolívares (Bs.F 14, 6.20 USD) Available at all Caracas Metro stations or on departure from Alí Primera
Student Multi-Abono 10 rides 9,000 bolívares (Bs.F 9, 4.10 USD) Available at some Caracas Metro stations: Maternidad; Caño Amarillo; Parque del Este; El Silencio and Caricuao.

Los Teques Metro was provided with an integrated operation control centre, command and communications by Thales.

Future plans[edit]

Construction of the extension formally started March 20, 2007. This extension known as Line 2 to the system will be 12 km (7.5 mi) with 3 new stations within the city, 2 in nearby communities and finally terminating in San Antonio de Los Altos with the central Los Teques stations.

Line 4 adds four stations that are currently under construction are:

  • Los Cerritos, inauguration TBA
  • Carrizal, inauguration TBA
  • Las Minas, inauguration TBA
  • San Antonio, inauguration TBA

Line 3 has been proposed 18.5 km (11.5 mi). It will commence from San Antonio and connect some communities before looping towards the La Rinconada Caracas Metro Station.[3]

  • La Morita
  • San Diego
  • Potrerito
  • La Mariposa
  • La Rinconada

Timeline of line extensions[edit]

Line Station Station Length Status
1 Las Adjuntas Ayacucho -.- km opened, on October 7, 2015 [4]
Las Adjuntas Alí Primera 9.5 km[1] In everyday service
2 Alí Primera Guaicaipuro 0.7 km opened on December 11, 2012 [4]
Guaicaipuro Independencia 1.0 km opened on December 1, 2013 [4]
Independencia Los Cerritos 1.7 km opened on December 1, 2013 [4]
Los Cerritos Carrizal 1.7 km under construction, for service TBA
Carrizal La Carbonera -.- km under construction, for service TBA
Carrizal Las Minas 4.3 km under construction, for service TBA
Las Minas San Antonio 2.5 km under construction, for service TBA
3 San Antonio La Morita 1.5 km planning
La Morita San Diego 1.6 km planning
San Diego Potrerito 4.9 km planning
Potrerito La Mariposa 3.0 km planning
La Mariposa La Rinconada 7.5 km planning

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