Los astronautas

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Los astronautas
Los astronautas movie poster.jpg
Theatrical release lobby card
Directed by Miguel Zacarías
Produced by Mario A. Zacarías
Screenplay by Miguel Zacarías
Story by Roberto Gómez Bolaños
Starring Marco Antonio Campos
Gaspar Henaine
Gina Romand
Norma Mora
Erna Martha Bauman
Music by Gustavo César Carrión
Cinematography Manuel Gómez Urquiza
Edited by José W. Bustos
Distributed by Producciones Zacarías
Release date
  • 12 March 1964 (1964-03-12) (Mexico City)
Running time
85 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Los astronautas (English: The Astronauts) is a 1964 Mexican comic science fiction film directed by Miguel Zacarías and starring the double act Viruta y Capulina, performed by Marco Antonio Campos and Gaspar Henaine.


In the women-ruled planet of Venus, the Union Leader of the Oppressed Husbands Syndicate wants to revert the power of leadership back to the men and threatens to initiate a strike if his will is not heard. However, the female leader of Venus believes otherwise and asserts that male dominion will only cause war and disruption. Therefore, she sends Lieutenant Laúr and Sergeant Rauna on a mission to choose two male earthlings who can prove to be more useful than Venusian men, so that they can bring more of them to Venus. When Laúr and Rauna choose Viruta and Capulina, two amateur singers who work in a gymnasium, they are intercepted by their constant rivals the Martians who claim that Earth is a satellite of Mars and therefore it should not be intruded by Venusians. Capulina manages to steal a super-power locket from a Martian which allows him to scare them off. He and Viruta later marry the Venusian women Laur and Rauna and then travel to the Moon for their honeymoon.



The film was shot from 1 to 2 November 1960, in Estudios Churubusco.[1] The film's working titles were Turistas interplanetarios and Dos viajeros del espacio.[1]

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