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For the former community in California, see Losa, California. For the valley in Spain, see Valle de Losa.
Nuraghe Losa
Nuraghe Losa
Losa is located in Sardinia
Shown within Sardinia
Coordinates 40°7′0.84″N 8°47′24.252″E / 40.1169000°N 8.79007000°E / 40.1169000; 8.79007000
Type Monument
Cultures Nuragic civilization
Site notes
Excavation dates yes
Condition ruined
Management I Beni Culturali della Sardegna
Public access yes
Website Abbasanta, Nuraghe Losa (Italian)

The nuraghe Losa (in Sardinia, close to the village of Abbasanta) is a complex prehistoric building in the shape of a tholos tomb.[1] Its central structure has a triangular shape.[2]

On the west side, a turreted wall is linked to it. The whole built complex is surrounded by a wider wall, which encloses the settlement of the original village of huts and other additional buildings constructed in the late-Punic, imperial Roman, late Roman and high Middle Ages periods.



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Coordinates: 40°7′0.84″N 8°47′24.252″E / 40.1169000°N 8.79007000°E / 40.1169000; 8.79007000