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"Lose Yourself"
Lose Yourself.jpg
Single by Eminem
from the album 8 Mile: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture
Released October 22, 2002[1]
Recorded September 2001 – 2002;
(Detroit, Michigan)

5:20 (album version)

4:27 (radio edit)
Eminem singles chronology
"Cleanin' Out My Closet"
"Lose Yourself"
"Rap Name"

"Lose Yourself" is a song by American rapper Eminem from the soundtrack to the 2002 motion picture 8 Mile. The song was written by Eminem and produced by Eminem along with longtime collaborator Jeff Bass, one half of the production duo Bass Brothers, and Luis Resto. It was released on October 28, 2002, as the lead single from the soundtrack.

"Lose Yourself" received acclaim from music critics, with many critics praising the song's aggressive themes and describing it as Eminem's best work to date. Eminem's rapping ability, the lyrics and the production were also praised as well. In many retrospective reviews and lists, critics have cited the song among Eminem's finest, as well as one of the best hip hop songs of all time. "Lose Yourself" was a commercial success, peaking atop of the charts in eighteen countries, including the United Kingdom and Australia. In the United States, "Lose Yourself" reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the first of five Eminem singles to top the Hot 100.

"Lose Yourself" won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2003, making it the first ever rap song to have received this accolade,[4] and also won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Solo Performance in 2004. In 2004, it was one of only three hip hop songs from the 21st century to have been included on Rolling Stone's list of the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time", and was also the highest ranking, at number 166. Rolling Stone also ranked it one of the top 50 hip hop songs of all time. The song was certified quintuple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America,[5] and as of October 2015, it has 6.7 million downloads in the United States alone.[6] It was ranked number 93 on AFI's 100 Years... 100 Songs list. In October 2011, NME placed it at number 57 on its list "150 Best Tracks of the Past 15 Years".[7]


Eminem says that "Lose Yourself" was written on set, during breaks during the filming of 8 Mile.[8] Taryn Manning, who played Eminem's ex-girlfriend Janeane in 8 Mile, said in an interview with MTV, that during the filming of the movie, in any downtime, Eminem was writing and that "you could just see him formulating stuff in his head."[9] According to studio engineer Steven King, who spoke to Rolling Stone magazine, Eminem recorded the song in a portable studio on the set while he was on a break from shooting, recording all three verses in one take.[10] The sheet on which he wrote the song appears in 8 Mile in a scene where his character is writing while riding the bus. A Drum & Bass remix has been made and was released on the mixtape Straight from the Lab, as a European bonus track.

The official demo version of this song, titled "Lose Yourself (Demo Version)" with two different verses and a slightly different hook, was released on the album Shady XV November 24, 2014.[4]


"Lose Yourself" is a mid-tempo track with an urgent narrative delivery. The song's lyrics explicitly sum up the background of Eminem's character in 8 Mile, B-Rabbit, with the first verse summing up much of the plot of the movie. The song incorporates several aggressive themes, largely dealing with the struggles dealt with by B-Rabbit, and how he eventually overcomes his many problems and obstacles to gain the respect of other rappers.

The song's production incorporates piano, violins and several other string instruments. The song is one of four new Eminem solo songs featured on the soundtrack, the other three being titled "8 Mile", "Rabbit Run" and "Stimulate" (included on deluxe edition only). Several critics cited this trio of songs as the best three from the soundtrack, as well as the most aggressive songs ever recorded by Eminem. Piano chords described as "instantly recognizable" open the song.[11] Throughout the song there is a "tense, unrelenting guitar lick".[12] The song is composed in the key of D minor.

Critical reception[edit]

"Lose Yourself" received critical acclaim, with many critics praising the song's aggressive themes and describing it as Eminem's best work to date. Eminem's rapping ability, the lyrics and the production were also praised as well. In many retrospective reviews and lists, critics have cited the song among Eminem's finest, as well as one of the best hip-hop songs of all time. AllMusic editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine praised the song's production: "The opening track and first single "Lose Yourself" is easily equaled by the title song with its layered pianos" and he highlighted it.[13]

NME was extremely positive: "Eminem's urgent radio hit 'Lose Yourself', you already know. It's excellent, if obviously an offcut from 'The Eminem Show', all thundering rawk guitars and Rocky-ish bassline (appropriately enough)."[14] RapReviews also noted: "And as all great journeys begin with a single step, so too does Eminem with this album's opening song AND lead single entitled "Lose Yourself":[15] 411 Mania praised the song: "The album wastes no time, delivering the hit 'Lose Yourself' as the first track. The song is basically as close to a ballad as Eminem will ever get. It is a very hot, adrenaline-laced track. It also continues Eminem's recent trend of putting out tracks with more of a meaning."[16]

Eminem’s song “Lose Yourself” tells an anecdote of how difficult it was to grow up in Detroit. The song was something an immense amount of people could relate to, and in return, this song had a huge effect in Michigan. Eminem track “Lose yourself” is an embodiment of what all the adversaries someone growing up in Detroit had to grow through.[17] The story of triumph something Detroit needed during that time. Detroit was filled with a variety of Black and White radical groups that attacked auto companies for being dehumanizing, dangerous and racist towards their employees. There are employees shooting other people, and it has gotten to the point where people are sending care packages to Detroit because there is no work or no money.[18] It is for these reasons that Eminem’s song “Lose Yourself” had such a big impact in the community of Detroit. Eminem grew up in the same situation all these people were facing. Eminem raps about real world issues where people can relate to without sugar coating the reality and exposing it to the entire world. Eminem turned a bad situation into a good one and for this reason alone will always be a Detroit Hero.

On the rankings site The Top Tens, "Lose Yourself" is #1 in the "Best Rap Songs" list, with 12% of the total votes from 856 total options.[19]

Chart performance[edit]

In the United States, "Lose Yourself" debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart the week of October 5, 2002, at No. 43. A week later, the single jumped to No. 18, and hit No. 1 by November 9. The single spent 16 total weeks in the Top 10, and a total of 23 weeks in the Top 50. While in the No. 1 spot (from 11/09/02 through 1/25/03), "Lose Yourself" kept several top contenders for the No. 1 spot from ever reaching No. 1, including Jay-Z, Nelly, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, and especially Missy Elliott, whose single "Work It" was at No. 2 for 10 weeks. The song also topped the Pop Songs chart for 7 weeks and hit No. 4 and No. 2 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Rap Songs charts. The song also used some rock music origins allowing moderate success to alternative rock radio peaking No. 14 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart, the rapper's only song to chart. It reached 4 million in sale by August 2011,[20] and as of October 2015, it has sold over 6.7 million copies in the U.S.[6]

In France, it is the 53rd best-selling single of the 21st century, with 386,000 units sold as of August 2014.[21] By December 2016, it had sold more than 11,590,000 units worldwide.

Music video[edit]

The song's accompanying music video, directed by Eminem, manager Paul Rosenberg and Phillip G. Atwell, was released on October 7, 2002. The video is a mixture of several scenarios, largely including several scenes from 8 Mile, however it also contains scenes addressing problems the real life Eminem has addressed, as well as "B-Rabbit"'s difficulties, including the ostracism by rap communities towards him due to his color, and his difficult personal life.

The music video for "Lose Yourself" was filmed in Detroit, Michigan, and thus contains numerous shots of the city, including the Ambassador Bridge. The video is a mixture of multiple scenarios, including scenes from and reminiscent of the movie 8 Mile, and Eminem rapping next to the "8 Mile Rd. Mobile Court" sign that appears on the cover of the movie's soundtrack.

It contains scenes focusing on Rabbit's and the real life Eminem's character, for example, the difficulties he has to face while rapping, the insult and booing of crowds as he is a white rapper and the trouble he has to face due to his alcoholic mother and people he hangs out with.

At the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards it received the award for Best Video from a Film in the final year this award was given out. It also received nominations for Video of the Year, Best Male Video, Best Rap Video, and Viewer's Choice. He won a MuchMusic Video Award in 2003 for Favorite International Artist with the video for "Lose Yourself".

The official video (uploaded by Eminem) has been viewed over 80 million times on YouTube making it one of Eminem's most popular videos on that site. However, it was restricted from viewing in 2011, spawning various privately uploaded versions.[citation needed]


"Lose Yourself" is the most successful single of Eminem's mainstream career. Upon its release, the track was a worldwide chart success, peaking at number one on 24 national charts worldwide, these included the US Billboard Hot 100, making it Eminem's first number-one hit in the United States. It had a 12-week run at #1 in the United States and Australia, and topped the charts in many other countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and Denmark. It debuted at number nine in Canada and moved up to #1 the following week. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, "Lose Yourself" became the "Longest Running Single at Number One for a Rap Song" at 23 weeks. With over 6 million copies sold in the United States, it is Eminem's third best-selling song, just behind "Love the Way You Lie" and "Not Afraid".

The song went on to receive the Academy Award for Best Original Song[4] (the first time a rap song ever won this award), beating other nominees like U2's "The Hands That Built America." Eminem, who was not present at the award ceremony as he believed he would not win, said in a Shade 45 Behind the Boards interview with Cipha Sounds that he was actually sleeping, with cartoons on for his daughter, at the time the award was announced.[22] This was the first time in 14 years the winner of the Best Original Song category did not perform at the ceremony. Luis Resto, one of the song's co-producers, had attended the ceremony and accepted the award on his behalf. "He's creative, he has symphonies in his head," Resto said at the lectern about Eminem.[23] The American Film Institute later ranked it #93 on their list of the 100 Greatest Songs from American Films.

At the Grammy Awards of 2004, "Lose Yourself" became Eminem's second career nomination for Record of the Year (following "Without Me"), and the first rap song ever to be nominated for Song of the Year. It won Best Male Rap Solo Performance and Best Rap Song, which was a new category at the time.

At #166, "Lose Yourself" is the highest ranked of the three songs from the 21st century featured in the 2004 List of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (joining "Stan" at #290 and Outkast's "Hey Ya!" at #180). The magazine later ranked the song the twelfth best of the '00s decade.[24] The song was the 51st best-selling single of the '00s decade in the United Kingdom.[25] The song was placed at number 104 by Pitchfork on their list of "The Top 500 Tracks of the 2000s".[26]

In October 2011, NME placed it at number 57 on its list "150 Best Tracks of the Past 15 Years".[7] VH1 placed it at #4 for the best songs of the 2000s. In April 2016, it was placed at number 28 by Rolling Stone on their list of "100 Greatest Hip-hop songs of all time".[27]

Appearances in other media[edit]

Cover versions[edit]

  • Children's singer Charlotte Diamond covered the song in a remix she called "Mom's Pasketti"
  • A hit comedic remix of the song under the name of "Mom's Spaghetti," by Andy of the Hitchcock Bros, uses repetition of Eminem saying "mom's spaghetti." One of the more popular uploads of it on YouTube, uploaded in 2012 by BigMitch Baker, has garnered ~17,000,000 views as of February 2017.[37]
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic made a parody of the song, titled "Couch Potato", on his 2003 album Poodle Hat. Eminem did not give him permission to film a music video, but gave him permission to do a parody of the song.
  • Irish pop rock band The Script did an alternative cover to this song in the BBC Radio's live lounge.
  • In 2003, the Australian comedy duo Scared Weird Little Guys produced a rap version of the folk song "Waltzing Matilda" called "Cleanin' Out My Tuckerbag", which parodies both "Lose Yourself" and "Cleanin' Out My Closet", but does not credit Eminem.
  • Christian parody band ApologetiX parodied the song as "Look Yourself". It is available on their 2003 album, Adam Up.
  • The show Robot Chicken parodied part of the film in the rapping sequence involving Bugs Bunny and a collection of other Looney Tunes characters.[38]
  • Lupe Fiasco sampled this song on his track "Lu Myself" (Jypsyeye on bass) on his mixtape, Lupe the Jedi and the Touch the Sky mixtape.[citation needed][citation needed]
  • During an October 2006 interview with the K102 Morning Crew in Minneapolis, country-pop artist Taylor Swift did an acoustic rendition of the intro and first verse of "Lose Yourself" live on the air, citing it as her favorite workout song.[citation needed]
  • The East Village Opera Company performs this song live, usually as an encore with full orchestra backing.[citation needed]
  • Fabolous made a remix to this track to honor Eminem.[citation needed]
  • Canadian rock band Three Days Grace have been covering "Lose Yourself" in a medley with their song "Home".
  • During the farewell concert, Polish hip hop group Paktofonika performed their song "W moich kręgach" ("In My Circles") with music background from "Lose Yourself".[39]
  • Post hardcore band Serianna covered this song in 2012, which is available as a digital download on iTunes and Amazon.[40]
  • Kelly Clarkson covered this song during her Clarkston, MI show on August 10, 2012 as part of her fan request cover song.[citation needed]
  • Jon Connor's 2012 mixtape The People's Rapper LP included a remix of the song, as well as other Eminem remixes.
  • Kellylee Evans covered this song on her 2013 album "I Remember When".[citation needed]
  • MGK covered the song while performing in front of St. Andrews Hall where 8 Mile was filmed[citation needed]
  • Hudson Taylor covered the song as a part of their "Lose Yourself Walking on the Flume" (The Police - Walking on the moon, Bon Iver - Flume) mashup.
  • A mashup of this song with German artist Nena's "Nur geträumt", created by HiFi Brown, was a German radio hit in 2003.[41]
  • Vienna Teng covers the song in live performance as a mashup along with Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine".

Track listing[edit]

US / UK / European CD single
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Lose Yourself" Marshall Mathers, Luis Resto, Jeff Bass Eminem 5:26
2. "Renegade" (Jay-Z feat. Eminem) Shawn Carter, Memphis Bleek, Ryan Montgomery, Mathers Eminem 5:38
3. "Lose Yourself" (instrumental) Mathers, Resto, Bass Eminem 5:27
4. "Lose Yourself" (video) Mathers, Resto, Bass Eminem 5:26
5. "8 Mile Trailer"      

Credits and personnel[edit]

Credits for "Lose Yourself" are adapted from the liner notes of the original soundtrack to the movie 8 Mile.[42]




Region Certification Certified units/Sales
Australia (ARIA)[89] 7× Platinum 490,000^
Austria (IFPI Austria)[90] Platinum 30,000*
Belgium (BEA)[91] Platinum 30,000*
Canada (Music Canada)[92] 6× Platinum 480,000^
Denmark (IFPI Denmark)[93] Platinum 60,000^
Finland (Musiikkituottajat)[94] Gold 6,304[94]
France (SNEP)[95] Gold 386,000[96]*
Germany (BVMI)[97] Gold 200,000^
Greece (IFPI Greece)[98] Gold 10,000^
Italy (FIMI)[99] Platinum 50,000double-dagger
Japan (RIAJ)[100] 3x Platinum 950,000[101][102][103]^
New Zealand (RMNZ)[104] 2× Platinum 20,000*
Norway (IFPI Norway)[105] Platinum 10,000*
Sweden (GLF)[106] Platinum 40,000^
Switzerland (IFPI Switzerland)[107] Platinum 30,000^
United Kingdom (BPI)[108] 2× Platinum 1,200,000double-dagger
United States (RIAA)[109] 6× Platinum 7,010,125[6]

*sales figures based on certification alone
^shipments figures based on certification alone

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Awards and achievements
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99 Problems
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November 9, 2002 – January 25, 2003 (12 weeks)
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"Dirrty" by Christina Aguilera featuring Redman
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December 7, 2003 – January 4, 2003 (5 weeks)
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December 8, 2002 – February 23, 2003 (12 weeks)
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"Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera
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"If You're Not the One" by Daniel Bedingfield
UK number-one single
December 8, 2002 (1 week)
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"Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word"
by Blue and Elton John
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"Per me è importante" by Tiromancino
Italian FIMI number-one single
December 12, 2002 (1 week)
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"Per me è importante" by Tiromancino
Preceded by
"Dilemma" by Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland
Belgian (Flanders) number-one single
January 4, 2003 – January 18, 2003 (3 weeks)
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"Live on Mars" by Jasper Steverlinck + Steven & Stijn Kolacny
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"Feel" by Robbie Williams
Dutch Top 40 number-one single
January 4, 2003 – February 1, 2003 (5 weeks)
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"Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word"
by Blue featuring Elton John
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"The Ketchup Song" by Las Ketchup
Norwegian VG-Lista number-one single
2/2003 - 5/2003 (4 weeks)
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"Nu Flow" by Big Brovaz
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"Tiernapojat" by Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus
"In the Shadows" by The Rasmus
Finnish number-one single
2/2003 (1 week)
6/2003 - 7/2003 (2 weeks)
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"In the Shadows" by The Rasmus
"Music" by Darude
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"Der Steuersong (Las Kanzlern)" by Die Gerd Show
Austrian number-one single
January 12, 2003 – January 26, 2003 (3 weeks)
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"All the Things She Said" by t.A.T.u.
Preceded by
"The Ketchup Song" by Las Ketchup
"All the Things She Said" by t.A.T.u.
Eurochart Hot 100 number-one single
January 18, 2003 – February 8, 2003 (4 weeks)
March 22, 2003 – April 12, 2003 (4 weeks)
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"All the Things She Said" by t.A.T.u.
"In da Club" by t.A.T.u.
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"Tu es foutu" by In-Grid
Swedish number-one single
January 23, 2003 – March 13, 2003 (8 weeks)
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"I Drove All Night" by Céline Dion
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"Paris Latino" by Star Academy 2
Belgian (Wallonia) number-one single
January 25, 2003 – February 15, 2003 (4 weeks)
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"Mundian to Bach Ke" by Panjabi MC
Preceded by
"The Ketchup Song" by Las Ketchup
"Nu Flow" by Big Brovaz
New Zealand RIANZ number-one single
January 26, 2003 – February 9, 2003 (3 weeks)
February 23, 2003 (1 week)
Succeeded by
"Nu Flow" by Big Brovaz
"All the Things She Said" by t.A.T.u.
Preceded by
"Every Little Part of Me" by Julie
Danish number-one single
January 30, 2003 (1 week)
Succeeded by
"Superstar" by Christine Milton
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"Le Frunkp" by Alphonse Brown
Swiss number-one single
March 9, 2003 (1 week)
March 23, 2003 (1 week)
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"Le Frunkp" by Alphonse Brown
"Take Me Tonight" by Alexander