Loser (band)

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GenresAlternative rock
Years active2004–2006
LabelsIsland/Def Jam Records
Associated actsSouth of Earth
MembersJohn 5
Joe Grah
Charles Lee
Glendon Crain
Past membersElias Andra

Loser was an American alternative rock band, formed in late 2004.

In 2005 guitarist John 5 of Marilyn Manson fame formed Loser. The band was partly co-founded by John 5's friend, producer Bob Marlette. Vocalist Joe Grah already had a significant amount of success in his home state of Texas with the band Jibe. Marlette recommended Grah to John 5, and so he hopped on a plane to Texas to see Jibe play. Grah flew back to Los Angeles and was hired on the spot. Recruiting fellow Texan musicians bassist Charles Lee and drummer Glendon Crain, Loser began working on their debut album Just Like You. The band played its first show in Hollywood, California on June 9, (6-9-05).

The name Loser came about as a reaction to John 5's past:

When questioned in an interview regarding the band's sound, John 5 replied, "It is just great rock music. It is kinda like the Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, new-age stuff."[2]

The band had initial success not long after signing with Island Records, when the track "Disposable Sunshine" was included on the 2005 Fantastic Four soundtrack. During the recording of the soundtrack, however, Crain briefly left the band and was replaced by drummer Elias Andra, a friend of Lee's. Andra had had some success himself with the industrial metal band Psycho Plague, his own creation, which toured as a headline act with Linkin Park. However, Andra soon left after promotional shots had been taken, and Crain returned.

Loser was set to release its debut album, Just Like You, on June 18, 2006, on Island/Def Jam Records. At the same time, John 5 was also working for Rob Zombie, and a conflict occurred. As Zombie was also touring, John 5 tried to find a live replacement for himself while Loser was touring on conflicting dates. Even with promo material for the debut album out and a release date in the bag, however, Island Record didn't like the idea of Loser without John 5, and so dropped the band from the label.

"Being the founding member of Loser, my decision to leave was not an easy one", said John 5 in a press release. "I've been juggling two careers, both with Loser and Rob Zombie, for over one year now. I found it impossible to be in two places at once."[3]

The official Loser Myspace page has tracks from Just For You available for download.[4]

Since the dissolution of Loser, Joe Grah has formed a band called South of Earth. Charles Lee later went on to play bass in Filter, but left that band due to personal issues. Lee is now the guitarist for Black Sunshine. Andra is now the drummer of bands Julien-K and Dead by Sunrise. Glendon Crain went on to join Godhead and later Hollywood Undead.

Only advance copies of the album are available for promotional reviews. The album is not commercially available to purchase as the record label scrapped the release of the album.


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