Losna (lake)

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Coordinates61°22′41″N 10°15′28″E / 61.37806°N 10.25778°E / 61.37806; 10.25778Coordinates: 61°22′41″N 10°15′28″E / 61.37806°N 10.25778°E / 61.37806; 10.25778
Basin countriesNorway
Surface area10.50 km2 (4.05 sq mi)
Surface elevation181 m (594 ft)

Losna is a lake which lies in the municipalities of Ringebu and Øyer in Oppland county, Norway. Losna is a part of the Gudbrandsdalslågen, which is in this region so broad and runs so slowly that this stretch is recognized as a lake.

It has an area of 10.50 km2 (4.05 sq mi) and a length of 11 km. It lies 181 m above sea level.