Lost (1983 film)

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Directed byAl Adamson
Produced byAndy and Beverly Innes
Corey Allen
Written byDon Buday
CinematographyGary Graver
American National Enterprises
Release date
  • 1983 (1983)
Running time
92 minutes
CountryUnited States

Lost is a 1983 low-budget movie directed by Al Adamson.[1] It stars Sandra Dee, Gary Kent and Jack Elam. This was Dee's last film role.[2]


Jeff Morrison (Don Stewart), his new wife Penny (Sandra Dee) and step-daughter Buddy (Shelia Newhouse) move from the city to the Utah mountains. Relationships within the new family are tested by the condition of their new home which is nothing more than a dilapidated shack, Buddy's new situation of having both a father (contacted via telephone) and step-father, and the introduction of farm animals to the city-raised women. When Buddy's pet burro needs to be euthanized she runs off, getting lost in the mountains.

An initial search party is unable to locate the missing girl. Buddy is chased by a cougar, jumps into a river injuring herself, and is eventually found by Mr. Newsome (Jack Elam), a reclusive mountain man. After initial distrust, Buddy lets the man care for her injury and listens to his stories through the evening. The next day Jeff starts looking for Buddy using a rented airplane, eventually finding her. Happy for her rescue, they return home together.[3]



Lost was filmed on location in Utah and Colorado.[citation needed]


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