Lost Boys Games

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Lost Boys Games
Industry Video game industry
Interactive entertainment
Fate taken over and renamed Guerrilla Games
Founded 2000
Defunct 2003
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Products Big Brother: The Game
Tiny Toon Adventures: Dizzy's Candy Quest

Lost Boys Games was a Dutch video game developer; it was a subsidiary of the large Dutch multimedia conglomerate Lost Boys. In 1999 Lost Boys Games merged with two other Dutch-based developers (Orange Games of Jazz Jackrabbit fame and Digital Infinity) to form Guerrilla Games, that made name with the Killzone series. Sony Computer Entertainment acquired Guerrilla Games in 2005. The logo of Lost Boys was a white cactus on a red diamond-shaped background.

Lost Boys first made name with the creation of the website for Big Brother - a television show by John de Mol, that was first broadcast in The Netherlands. It also created Big Brother: The Game,[1] that was no more than a Pac-Man clone. Lost Boys Games also had a separate handhelds-division called Formula.[2] Under this label it would release four titles, two each for Nintendo's Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance handheld gaming consoles. However, the first game that showed the 'Formula game development' logo was The Lost Ride, released for Philips CD-i in 1998.[3] In the same year also Dodgem Arena, "the first Dutch PS1 title on the shelves",[4] was released under the Formula label. The logo of Formula was the same as of Lost Boys Games, only the diamond-shaped background was green instead of red.


as Lost Boys Games

  • Big Brother: The Game, Windows, 2000[5]

as Formula

Cancelled games
  • Rhino Rumble Puzzle, GBC[6]
  • Candy Fluffy, GBC[7]
  • Knights, GBC[8]
  • Call of the Dragonfly, Xbox[9]
  • Knights, PlayStation 2[10] (started by Digital Infinity)


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