Lost Creek (Spring River tributary)

Coordinates: 36°47′43″N 94°44′25″W / 36.79528°N 94.74028°W / 36.79528; -94.74028
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Lost Creek is a stream in Newton County, Missouri and Ottawa County, Oklahoma.[1] It is a tributary to the Spring River.[2]

The stream headwaters arise three miles west of Neosho, Missouri[3] at 36°51′12″N 94°25′41″W / 36.85333°N 94.42806°W / 36.85333; -94.42806[1] at an elevation of approximately 1180 feet.[3] The stream flows to the west-northwest and turns to the southwest as it passes south of the community of Racine. The stream continues to the southwest passing through Seneca, Missouri and enters eastern Oklahoma.[4] The stream flows southwest parallel to U.S. Route 60. The stream enters the Spring River within the waters of the Grand Lake of the Cherokees just west of Wyandotte.[5] The confluence was at 36°47′43″N 94°44′25″W / 36.79528°N 94.74028°W / 36.79528; -94.74028 and an elevation of 741 feet (prior to the lake creation).[1]

The name Lost Creek was given by early settlers due to the difficulty they had locating the stream based on earlier descriptions of the stream and the area.[6]


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