Lost River State Park

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Lost River State Park
Lost River State Park.jpg
Lost River State Park
Map showing the location of Lost River State Park
Map showing the location of Lost River State Park
Location of Lost River State Park in West Virginia
LocationHardy, West Virginia, United States
Coordinates38°53′47″N 78°54′47″W / 38.89639°N 78.91306°W / 38.89639; -78.91306Coordinates: 38°53′47″N 78°54′47″W / 38.89639°N 78.91306°W / 38.89639; -78.91306
Area3,712 acres (15.02 km2)
Elevation2,037 ft (621 m)

Lost River State Park is a state park located in Hardy County, West Virginia near the community of Mathias. The park encompasses 3,712 acres (15.02 km2) managed by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. Despite the name of the park, it does not abut the Lost River; it lies about 2.3 miles (3.7 km) west of the river.

The park features a selection of twenty-six vacation cabins. It also provides hiking trails, horses, a swimming pool, and other sports facilities that include tennis, badminton, volleyball, and archery. Lost River State Park includes the historic Lighthorse Harry Lee Cabin (c. 1800), which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The park is located near the site of the 1756 Battle of Lost River, a skirmish between Virginia militia and a band of French and Indian warriors, during the French and Indian War.[3]

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