Lost in Wonder: Voices of Worship

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Lost in Wonder: Voices of Worship
Lostinwonder .jpg
Studio album by Susan Ashton, Christine Denté, Michelle Tumes
Released April 2005
Genre Gospel
Label Sparrow

Lost in Wonder: Voices of Worship continues the Christian pop tradition of trio albums descended from 1994's much lauded Along the Road, which featured the vocals of Susan Ashton, Margaret Becker, and Christine Denté. This project reunites two of the three, with the long-absent Michelle Tumes stepping in for Becker. And Lost in Wonder also takes on a more worshipful tone that more closely resembles recent collaborative projects such as 1999's Heaven & Earth (produced by John Hartley like this album) and the Celtic-flavored In Christ Alone from 2002.

This is a somewhat unusual compilation album, by three respected Christian ladies. Some of the songs are obscure, some are classics ("Here I Am To Worship", "In Christ Alone", "Beautiful One", "Once Again", but even on those classics the arrangements bring a new freshness). These ladies mix so well together, and all of the arrangements are very nice. The highlight is "I Will Never Be The Same", with Susan Ashton singing lead.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Beautiful One"
  2. "Here I Am To Worship"
  3. "I Will Never Be The Same"
  4. "Outrageous Grace"
  5. "Once Again"
  6. "I Believe In You"
  7. "Lost In Wonder"
  8. "Beautiful Savior"
  9. "Your Love Falls Down"
  10. "How Loved Am I"
  11. "In Christ Alone"
  12. "There Is A Higher Throne"


  • John Mayfield - mastering
  • David Schober - engineer, mixing
  • Felicia Sorensen - background vocals
  • Chris Donohue - bass, guitar
  • Lisa Cochran - background vocals
  • Dan Needham - drums, engineer
  • Jan Cook - creative director
  • Michelle Tumes - string arrangements
  • Ken Lewis - Drums
  • Keith Getty - string arrangements
  • Jamie Kenney - keyboards
  • Terry White - background vocals
  • Stephen Doherty - executive producer
  • Carmen Cordelia - photography
  • Gary Burnette - guitar
  • Dennis Holt - drums

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