Lost in the Chamber of Love

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Lost in the Chamber of Love
Genre Costume Drama
Starring Ron Ng
Myolie Wu
Michelle Ye
Kenneth Ma
Opening theme "嫁衣裳" by
Ron Ng & Myolie Wu
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 20
Running time 45 minutes (approx.)
Original network TVB
Original release February 14 – March 11, 2005
External links
Website tvcity.tvb.com/drama/lost_in_the_chamber_of_love

Lost in the Chamber of Love (Traditional Chinese: 西廂奇緣) is a TVB costume drama series released overseas in December 2004 and broadcast on TVB Jade Channel in February 2005.


Cheung Kwan-Sui (Ron Ng) and Hung Leung (Myolie Wu) each picks up one half of a matching jade at a lantern fair. However, they do not meet each other that night. At the same fair, Sui saves the Governor's daughter Chui Ang-Ang (Michelle Ye) from some kidnappers. The Governor's wife promises to marry Ang-Ang to him in order to thank him. Nevertheless, she denies her promise later and demands him to become a royal scholar before Sui can marry Ang-Ang. He moves into the West Chamber, their guesthouse, and studies hard.

The Emperor Tong Dak-Chung (Kenneth Ma) meets Ang Ang when he is traveling incognito under the name of Bun. He is shocked by her beauty. They get on very well. However, Ang-Ang is deterred to develop further in their relationship by her engagement with Sui. Apart from this love triangle, there is one more girl Leung, who loves Sui at the first sight. Leung is Ang-Ang's servant and best friend. She has to hide her feelings for Sui although she cares a lot about Ang-Ang's decision in choosing between Bun and Shui. Meanwhile, the imperial court sets out a search for a Tibetan princess who is engaged to the Emperor, but has gone missing. Secrets about their lives are suddenly revealed and will change their destiny...


The Chui family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Wong Ching (王青) Chui Pang
Chui Cheng Chiu-Kuen's husband.
Chui Ang-Ang and Chui Kwok-Foon's father. Hung Leung's biological father.
Bak Yan (白茵) Chui Cheng Chiu-Kuen
Chui Pang's wife.
Chui Ang-Ang and Chui Kwok-Foon's mother. Hung Leung's biological mother.
Michelle Ye Chui Ang-Ang
Chui Pang and Chui Cheng Chiu-Kuen's daughter.
Chui Kwok-Foon's older sister.
Cheung Kwan-Sui's ex-lover.
Tong Dak-Chung's true love. Princess Tibet
Siu Fai Yung (蕭徽勇) Chui Kwok-Foon
Chui Pang and Chui Cheng Chiu-Kuen's son.
Chui Ang-Ang's younger brother.
Celine Ma (馬蹄露) Ho Yuk-Lin
Chui Cheng Choi-Kuen's younger cousin.
Mimi Chu (朱咪咪) Ma Sau-Chu
Hung Leung's aunt. Tibet concubine
Myolie Wu Hung Leung
Cheung Kwan-Sui's true love.

The Cheung family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Teresa Ha (夏萍) Cheung Li-See
Cheung Lim-Yan, Cheung Kwan-Sui, and Cheung Lim-Wai's grandmother.
Kiki Sheung (商天娥) Cheung Lim-Yan
Cheung Kwan-Sui and Cheung Lim-Wai's older sister.
To Fai's lover.
Ron Ng Cheung Kwan-Sui
Cheung Lim-Yan and Cheung Lim-Wai's brother.
Chui Ang-Ang's ex-lover.
Hung Leung's true love.
Nancy Wu Cheung Lim-Wai
Cheung Lim-Yan and Cheung Kwan-Sui's younger sister.

Other cast[edit]

Cast Role Description
Kenneth Ma Tong Dak-Chung
Chui Ang-Ang's true love.
Benz Hui To Fai/Wong Sam
Emperor's Servant
Cheung Lim-Yan's lover.
Savio Tsang (曾偉權) Pat Wong-Ye
King's uncle. Rebellion
Power Chan Sue Fei-Fu
Cheung Lim-Wai's lover

External links[edit]

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