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Coordinates: 8°30′18″S 151°04′48″E / 8.5051°S 151.0800°E / -8.5051; 151.0800

Losuia Airport
Location Losuia, on the island of Kiriwina, Papua New Guinea
Opened 1943

Losuia Airport is an airport in Losuia, on the island of Kiriwina, Papua New Guinea.[1][2]


Kiriwina Airfield was a coral surfaced 6,000 feet (1,800 m) long x 150 feet (46 m) wide single runway, built by US Army Engineers with assistance from combat troops shortly after occupying the island on 30 June 1943 during World War II. A C-47 was the first aircraft to land at the airfield on 2 August 1943. US Navy Seabees expanded the airfield constructing a 7,000 feet (2,100 m) taxiway, 25 fighter hardstands, a 5,300 feet (1,600 m) taxiway and 16 bomber hardstands.[3] Also known as South Drome, upon completion of North Drome on the northern part of Kiriwina.

Allied Units based at Kiriwina Airfield[edit]

Airlines and destinations[edit]

Airlines Destinations
Airlines PNG Alotau


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