Lothar (Metabarons)

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Lothar is a fictional robot in the Metabarons universe. He is presented firstly being in service of the Metabaron (the Nameless), who asks Tonto to narrate to him of his master's history. Tonto who has been served the Metabarons for decades, unlike Lothar who is relatively new in the Metabaron's ownership, tells the saga to him, being thus the main narrator of the comic book series.

During the frame story (outside of the narrative), Lothar loses his body and a new one is constructed for him. It is revealed in the process that he in fact is Steelhead, the Metabaron's grandfather, who returned to reclaim his office. The Metabaron however managed to erase his memory and transform him into a robot, serving him. Finally recovering his sense of self, if not his full memories, Steelhead, ridding himself of the mechanical control implants, wrestles again with Nameless, finally giving his life to save his nephew, and the entire Universe, with a kamikaze attack.