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A700 shield

A composite view of the Tollcross junction with the A702
Route information
Length: 1.6 mi[1] (2.6 km)
Major junctions
northwest end: New Town, Edinburgh
55°57′00″N 3°12′26″W / 55.9501°N 3.2072°W / 55.9501; -3.2072
  A8 A8 road
A702 A702 road
A7 A7 road
A701 A701 road
southeast end: Sciennes, Edinburgh
55°56′21″N 3°10′47″W / 55.9391°N 3.1798°W / 55.9391; -3.1798
Road network

The A700 road is a short but important link skirting Edinburgh City Centre between the A8 and A7 roads.


The road begins at the West End junction at the terminus of the A8 and heads south then east comprising the streets of Lothian Road, Earl Grey Street, Brougham Street, Brougham Place, Melville Drive, Summerhall Place and West Preston Street. It ends at a crossroads where it meets the A7 and A701 roads.

The major junction along its route is at Tollcross where it meets Lauriston Place, West Tollcross and the Home Street A702 road. It overlaps for the length of Earl Grey Street with the A702, which diverges to the west on Fountainbridge.

The northern section of the road is a designated a Red Route on which no stopping of vehicles is permitted in order to maintain traffic flow.[2]


The Melville Drive section is flanked to the north by The Meadows, a large public park established in the 18th century. At each end of Melville Drive is a pair of stone pillars topped by a lion and a unicorn. The pair at the eastern end were built in 1881, funded by printers the Nelson brothers; the pair at the western end were built around 1886 by Sir James Gowans.[3]


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