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Lotion Play is a subset of the better known Wet-And-Messy fetish (WAM), which typically involves participants using food (such as pudding or whipped cream), mud, or paint as a lubricant to facilitate sexual activity. Lotion Play isolates lotion specifically as a lubricating medium - setting it apart in the Wet-and-Messy genre, as other common WAM mediums do not have such specific popularity as Lotion Play. Lotion Play (ローションプレイ, rōshon purei), also known as gookkake, gluekkake, is a popular fetish, form of Japanese erotica and prostitution request involving the use of copious amounts of lubricant, which in the Japanese language is referred to by the Old-French word "lotion" (ローション in Japanese).Typically lotion play involves a participant rubbing lotion on another using their body,[1] sexual intercourse in a pool or bath filled with lotion,[2] or lotion being poured over the participants during sex. In Japan (and other parts of the world), lotion is available in concentrated form (e.g.: liter/gallon) which can be added to hot water to produce the desired amount of lotion. A 1-gallon concentrate will typically yield 6-10 gallons of lotion (J-Lube Lotion Concentrate). The main component in most lotion is polyacrylate.[3] A similar effect can be achieved by dissolving powdered methyl cellulose in water.


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