Lottchen am Hofe

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Lottchen am Hofe (Lottchen at Court) is a three-act singspiel by the German composer Johann Adam Hiller.

The libretto by Christian Felix Weiße was based on the opéra comique text La caprice amoureux, ou Ninette à la cour by Charles Simon Favart.

Performance history[edit]

The opera was first performed in a two-act version at the Rannstädtertor Theater, Leipzig on 24 April 1767.


Role Voice type Premiere cast, 24 April 1767
Conductor: Johann Adam Hiller
Lottchen soprano
Jürgen, her fiancé baritone
Count Astolph bass
Countess Emilie, his fiancée soprano
Dorine soprano
Fabriz tenor


The peasant girl Lottchen flirts with Count Astolph to teach her fiancé Jürgen a lesson. She then unites with Countess Emilie to get both men in order.