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Lotte Glob (born 1944) is a Danish ceramic artist living in the north of Scotland. She is the daughter of Peter Glob.


Lottie Glob was born in Jutland, Denmark in 1944 the daughter of an archaeologist father.[1] In 1963, age 19, she moving to County Cork, Ireland.[1]

In 1968, she established a workshop in Balnakiel Craft Village at Durness in Sutherland, but recently moved to Loch Eriboll 9 miles east of Durness. Here she has built a unique timber house that won the RIAS Award for Architecture.[2]

She often hikes in the mountains, gathering materials and inspiration for her sculptures and returning her work to nature by placing the sculptures at various locations in the mountains.

Søren Ryge Petersen made a documentary about her life in the mountains called "DR-Derude i Skotland".[3]


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