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Lotte World Tower and Lotte World Mall (2014)

Lotte World Mall (Hangul롯데월드몰) is shopping complex in Songpa District, Seoul, South Korea.[1] The Lotte World Tower, which began construction in May 2009, was completed in October 2016 and the Lotte World Mall opened in October 2014.

The Lotte World Mall's site is 26,000 pyeong, 244,000 pyeong, 123 floors (555m), and 6-star hotels, offices and office buildings will be located in the tower. Three low-rise buildings in the vicinity are department stores, duty- , Shopping malls, marts, movie theaters, aquariums, and concert halls. It is also connected to the existing Lotte World on the opposite side of Songpa Road through the underground plaza.


In 1987, the Lotte Group envisaged the second Lotte World, a 108-floor skyscraper right next to the Lotte World site. In December 1994, the Lotte World launched a second Lotte World project with 108 floors above ground and 450m above ground. At that time, it became one of the three "100-story skyscraper projects" of Korea along with the 21st Century Finance Center in Yeouido in Seoul and the Samsung Town in Gangnam. In 1998, the IMF crisis and Seongnam Seoul Airport runway visibility problem And the second Lotte World project was delayed.

In 2002, the original plan was to expand the 108th floor (450m) to 123 floors (555m), and then proceeded with the second Lotte World project, but in 2006, the groundbreaking ceremony was called Lotte Super Tower.

Measures such as adjusting the angle of the runway (3º) of Seoul Airport in Seongnam 2009 were announced, and the final approval was canceled and the construction began in earnest. In May, the second Lotte World construction commenced. In October 2013, the name of the 2nd Lotte World Complex was changed to Lotte World Mall. In May 2014, the Lotte World Mall was scheduled to open temporarily, but it was delayed. In October 2014, Avenue E Dong, Shopping Mall Dong, The use of the building was permitted and opened sequentially.

On October 14, 2014 Lotte World Mall's Avenue, Lotte Mart and Hi-Mart will open. Lotte World Mall's Lotte Cinema will open on Oct. 15, Lotte World Mall's Lotte Duty Free Shop, Shopping Mall, Lotte World Aquarium This open, the cinema and the aquarium of 'Lotte World Mall' in December were canceled due to screen vibration and leak accident, and the concert hall construction was stopped due to the accident. The Lotte Cinema and Lotte World Aquarium, which was shut down due to an accident on May 12, 2015, was reopened in about five months after the Seoul Metropolitan Government approved the reopening of the aquarium. On December 22, 2015, Lotte World Tower held a ceremony to raise the 123rd floor of the Lotte World Tower with a pre-opening ceremony for free of charge to approximately 37,000 people reserved for 3 days before the reopening. The Lotte Concert Hall was opened on August 18, 2016, and the Lotte World Tower (555m, 123 stories) was completed in December 2016 and the grand opening was completed.


Lotte World Tower[edit]

Lotte World Tower is located in the Lotte World Mall complex in Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea.[2][3][4] The construction began in 2009 and finished on the 123rd floor on December 22, 2015. The construction of the spire was completed by March 2016 and completed on December 22, 2016.[5][6][7] The Lotte World Tower, a skyscraper in Sincheon-dong, opened on April 3, 2017.[8]

Avenue El Dong[edit]

It has 8 floors above ground and 4 underground floors. There are Avenel,[9] a luxury department store, and Lotte Duty Free Shop.[10]

Shopping mall[edit]

It is a shopping mall building with 11 floors above ground and 6 underground levels. The theme zone (29 Street, Seoul Seoul 3080, etc.), which has a specific theme as a theme, and the 2,036-seat classical performance hall opened on August 18, There is Lotte Concert Hall.

Entertainment center[edit]

Lotte Mart, Lotte Cinema, Hi-Mart and Lotte World Aquarium are in operation. Lotte Cinema, which is 21 large scale, is the largest in Asia and the 21st Supreplex G has a 35mm screen record of the world's largest size (as of November 2014) with a width of 34m and a length of 13.8m.[11]


  • 2012 - The cracking of pillars during construction was controversial.
  • April 8, 2014 - At around 8:00 am The high-pressure pipe cap was thrown out by pressure on the entertainment roof, causing an accident that caused one death.[12]
  • Oct. 30, 2014 - During the opening hours, metal parts for fixing glass railings on the third floor of the Lotte World Mall dropped to the first floor and one person was injured. Then, they were taken to a nearby hospital and treated with two needles on their foreheads.[13]
  • December 9, 2014 - One cup of paper cup per hour was leaked from the aquarium, and the Korean government planned a joint safety check.[14]
  • Dec. 2014 - Lotte Cinema World Tower 14 Pavilion All the auditoriums closed due to the controversy. The aquarium that leaked was also temporarily closed.
  • February 16, 2015 - The door hit the visitor, but there were no casualties.
  • April 30, 2015 - A sprinkler malfunction on the ceiling in UNIQLO has caused water to leak from the ceiling.


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