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Lotus Jazz Release 1 Package.
Contents of Lotus Jazz Release 1.

Lotus Jazz Release 1 was an integrated suite of word processor, spreadsheet, database, graphics, and communication software designed for the Macintosh 512K. It was released in 1985 and retailed for US$595.00.


One of the more notable features was the integration of its terminal emulation module with the spreadsheet module, allowing users dialing into corporate mainframes to have onscreen reports be parsed directly into spreadsheet columns for later editing and refinement.


Jazz shipped on four 400K 3½" diskettes, one to start up and one to operate the program, along with a copy protected backup program disk and a disk with sample files. The most frustrating issue users experienced was the need for multiple swapping of the Start-Up and Program or Backup floppy disks. Lotus Jazz Release 1 cannot be run from a hard drive or dual 400K floppy disk drives. If the Lotus Jazz Start-Up disk, Program Disk, and Backup Disks failed, the program could not be used and another unit of the software would need to be purchased for continued use.


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