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The lotus kick is also known as jump outside, outside spinkick, Wai Xuan Feng Tui, or Teng kong bai lian. This is a very popular jump in Wushu kung fu martial arts. The kick begins by launching off from the right leg into a 360° clockwise rotation that includes an outward snapkick in the air. The performer may land on the right leg or both legs. The kick may be performed from both a running or standing take-off. Advanced practitioners may increase the difficulty of the move by rotating greater than 360°, usually 540° or 720°. In traditional Chinese longfist kung fu, it is typically used as a long-range attack, much like a tornado kick.

Note: The lotus kick is completely a different move than the foot sweep kick.

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Reference Training Guide[edit]

  • Fundamentals of High Performance Wushu: Taolu Jumps and Spins by Raymond Wu, ISBN 978-1-4303-1820-0. Step-by-step book. Free downloadable companion training guide.

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