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Lou Bennett (May 18, 1926, Philadelphia – February 10, 1997, Paris) was an American jazz organist.

Bennett first played bebop on piano, but started playing organ in 1956 after hearing Jimmy Smith. Bennett toured the U.S. with an organ trio between 1957 and 1959, and then moved to Paris in 1960. There he recorded and performed at the Blue Note with Jimmy Gourley and Kenny Clarke (as well as Rene Thomas); he returned to America only once, for the 1964 Newport Jazz Festival. He also recorded in the 1960s with Philip Catherine, Shirley Bunnie Foy and Franco Manzecchi. In the 1980s he played in his own quintet with Gerard Badini, among others. During this period he also toured extensively throughout Spain, including, Almeria, Barcelona, La Coruna, Segovia, and Madrid.


As leader[edit]

  • 1958: Mélodies sur l'oreiller (with Pierre Spiers and Kenny Clarke) (Bel Air [France] 411.045) - four tracks only; LP released late-1960s.
  • 1960: Amen: The Lou Bennett Quartet (RCA [France] 430.050)
  • 1960: Dansez et Rêvez avec le Trio Lou Bennett (RCA [France] 430.051)
  • 1963: Americans in Europe Vol. 1 (with Jimmy Gourley and Kenny Clarke) (Impulse! AS-36) - two tracks only.
  • 1963: Meeting Mister Thomas (René Thomas with Lou Bennett) (Barclay [France] 84 091) - also later released as I Remember René under Bennett's name only.
  • 1963: Enfin! (with René Thomas) (RCA [France] 430.115) - also later released as Jazz Session
  • 1964: Echoes and Rhythms of My Church (Bel Air [France] 30-PA-7024)
  • 1966: Pentecostal Feeling (Philips [France] 70.325)
  • 1966: I Els Seus Amics (with Núria Feliu) (Edigsa [Spain] CM-150)
  • 1967: Ovzeni Jazzohevo Festivalu 1966 (Supraphon [Czech])
  • 1968: La Vil Seducción (O.S.T.) (Sonoplay [Spain] 26.017)
  • 1971: Plays For Clem (Clem [Germany] 30.001)
  • 1973: Lou Bennett (Epic [France] EPC-65745) - reissue of Plays For Clem
  • 1980: Live at the Club Saint-Germain (Vogue [France] 502609)
  • 1986: Blue Lou's Blues (Caravage [France] 92303)
  • 1992: Hello Mr. Bennett (Ximo Tebar with Lou Bennett and Idris Muhammad) (WEA [Spain] 0630 18789 2) - released 1997.
  • 1993: Now Hear My Meaning (Mas [Spain] 001)

As guest[edit]


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