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Louis R "Lou" Guzzo (January 11, 1919 – June 29, 2013) was a journalist, author, and television commentator in Seattle, Washington. He was an art and theater critic for 20 years at the Seattle Times, then served as the managing editor of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer,[1] where his investigative team wrote stories that led to the indictments of more than fifty government officials.[citation needed]

Guzzo was an ally of Washington state governor Dixy Lee Ray.[2] He worked with her at the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, co-authored books with her, and helped in her successful bid for governor in 1976.

Guzzo appeared regularly on KIRO-TV and KIRO (AM) radio, where he was also an editorial consultant. In 1986, a commentary attacking rock music fans caught the attention of the Seattle crossover thrash band The Dehumanizers. In response the group recorded a satirical song "Kill Lou Guzzo" on their debut 7" EP.[3] The record used unauthorized audio clips from Guzzo's TV editorial. Group members later received a cease and desist letter from KIRO and Guzzo.[4]

He had several e-books published, and has had numerous speeches, talks, and commentaries posted to YouTube. After his retirement from KIRO, Guzzo maintained a website where he continued to write a daily commentary on current events. He was a resident of Newcastle, Washington. Guzzo died in 2013 at the age of 94.[5]


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