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Often white, some louage are yellow like this one seen driving through El Mourouj, Tunis, in 2012.

A louage is a minibus share taxi in Tunisia.[1] In French, the name means "rental." Departing only when filled with passengers not at specific times, they can be hired at stations.[2] Louage ply set routes,[3] and fares are set by the government.[4]

In contrast to other share taxis in Africa, louage are sparsely decorated. These white vans sport a single colored stripe that alerts potential passengers to the type of transport they offer.[3] Red-striped vans travel between major cities while those with yellow stripes ply routes with more bucolic stops.[2] Blue-striped louage can also be seen.[2] Small placards atop the vans specify either a van's exact destination[3] or the town in which it is registered.[4] In 2014, a one and a half hour trip cost about US$2,[1] and an intra-city journey, approximately US$1.[5]

At some louage stations, tickets can be purchased at a booth and given to the driver,[4] although c. 2011 this practice was rarely followed.[3]

Prior to the introduction of vans, French-made station wagons were used as louage.[4]


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