Loud Pipes Save Lives

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Loud Pipes Save Lives
2004 Loud Pipes Save Lives.jpg
Studio album by E-Type
ReleasedMarch 25, 2004
GenreEurodance, pop, electronic, Hi-NRG
LabelStockholm Records
ProducerMax Martin, Rami Yacoub, John Amatiello, Christian Nilsson, Jonas von der Burg, Peter Boström, Patrik Henzel, Daniel Papalexis
E-Type chronology
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Loud Pipes Save Lives

Loud Pipes Save Lives is the fifth studio album by Swedish singer-songwriter E-Type, which was released in 2004. It is the last E-Type album to feature vocalist Nana Hedin. E-Type participated with "Paradise" in Melodifestivalen 2004, ending up at 5th place. With this album E-type started to lose his success across Europe. Still it sold nearly 1 million copies worldwide.

"Paradise" was the first single release in European audience and became a hit. In United States "The Predator" was given as the Lead-off single but did poorly in the charts peaking # 47. Still the album debuted respectably at #30 in Hot-200 Albums Chart.

Track listing[edit]

1."Loud Pipes Save Lives" (The Pipes & Drums of the 1st Royal Engineers)E-TypeE-Type, Patrik Henzel1:41
2."Paradise" (feat. Na Na)E-Type, MudChristian Nilsson, John Amatiello, Max Martin, Rami Yacoub3:27
3."Camilla"E-Type, Mud, Max MartinJonas von der Burg3:35
4."The Predator"E-Type, MudPeter Boström3:17
5."Dans La Fantasie"E-TypePeter Boström4:12
6."The Original You"E-Type, MudDaniel Papalexis, Patrik Henzel3:15
7."Far Up in the Air" (feat. Na Na)E-Type, MudDaniel Papalexis, Patrik Henzel3:34
8."Forever More" (feat. Na Na & LG)E-Type, MudDaniel Papalexis, Patrik Henzel3:43
9."Rain"E-Type, MudPeter Boström4:08
10."If Heaven Were to Fall"E-Type, MudPatrik Henzel3:43
11."Lost and Goodbye"E-TypePatrik Henzel3:50

Sport Edition (Sweden only)[edit]

  1. "Loud Pipes Save Lives"
  2. "Olympia"
  3. "Campione 2000"
  4. "Paradise (feat. Na Na)"
  5. "The Predator"
  6. "Dans La Fantasie"
  7. "The Original You"
  8. "Far Up in the Air (feat. Na Na)"
  9. "Forever More (feat. Na Na & LG)"
  10. "Rain"
  11. "If Heaven Were to Fall"
  12. "Lost and Goodbye"

Chart positions[edit]

Chart Peak
Swedish Albums Chart 2 Platinum 50.000 + Units
Finnish Albums Chart 13 Gold 15.000 + Units
Norwegian Albums Chart 17
US Billboard Hot-200 Albums Chart 30 250.000 + Units
UK Albums Chart 54 20.000 + Units
French Albums Chart 10 90.000 + Units
Japanese Albums Chart 20 60.000 + Units