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Louden Swain is an American indie rock band from Los Angeles that was formed in 1997.[1][2] The members consist of lead singer and guitarist Rob Benedict, guitarist Billy Moran, bassist Michael Borja, and drummer Stephen Norton.[1][3] The band was named after the main character in the film Vision Quest.

The band acts as the house band,[4] and performs concerts on Saturday nights, for the Supernatural conventions[5][6] that are held throughout the year in the United States and Canada. Louden Swain has released nine albums, the first being Able-Legged Heroes in 2001, followed by Overachiever, Suit and Tie,[citation needed] A Brand New Hurt,[2] Eskimo, and Sky Alive. Their seventh album, entitled No Time Like the Present, was released on January 13, 2017, and their eighth album, and first live album, Saturday Night Special in August 2017.[7] Their latest album Splitting the Seams was released in October 2018.


  • Able-Legged Heroes (2001)
  • Overachiever (2003)
  • Suit and Tie (2006)
  • A Brand New Hurt (2009)[2]
  • Eskimo (2011)
  • Sky Alive (2014)
  • No Time Like the Present (2017)
  • Saturday Night Special (live) (2017)
  • Splitting the Seams (2018)


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