Loudoun County Parkway

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Circle sign 606.svgCircle sign 607.svgCircle sign 772.svgCircle sign 1950.svg

Loudoun County Parkway
SRs 606, 607, 772, and 1950
Major junctions
South end: Circle sign 620.svg Braddock Road in South Riding

US 50.svg US 50 in Arcola
Circle sign 606.svg Old Ox Road

Circle sign 772.svg Ryan Road in Brambleton

Virginia 267.svg Dulles Greenway in Ashburn
North end: Virginia 7.svg SR 7 in Ashburn
Counties: Loudoun
Highway system

The Loudoun County Parkway is a secondary state highway in eastern Loudoun County, Virginia. Two sections of the route currently exist, a southern portion signed as State Route 606 from Braddock Road north to Arcola Road which continues east as Old Ox Road, and a northern portion in Ashburn signed as three different numbers: State Route 772 between Ryan Road and Old Ryan Road, State Route 1950 between Old Ryan Road (now Mooreview Parkway) and Smith Switch Road, and State Route 607 from the intersection of Smith Switch Road to State Route 7.

Except for two small portions around Redskins Park and between Evergreen Mills Road and Arcola Road, the parkway is either four or six lanes.

Route description[edit]

South Riding and Arcola[edit]

View southwest along SR 606 (Loudoun County Parkway) in Arcola from an airplane

Loudoun County Parkway begins at Braddock Road in South Riding and continues north across U.S. Route 50. The parkway continues north along the western boundary of Washington Dulles International Airport to the intersection of Arcola Road, where it becomes Old Ox Road and continues east toward Herndon. The parkway is planned to head north from there to connect to Ryan Road in Brambleton. This entire section of Loudoun County Parkway was originally Old Ox Road.[1]

Brambleton and Ashburn[edit]

Loudoun County Parkway resumes at the intersection of Evergreen Ridge Drive south of Ryan Road a few miles south of the Dulles Greenway. The parkway heads north over the Greenway, and past the Verizon campus. After crossing Waxpool Road, the parkway continues north through corporate centers and Redskins Park. This section was once called Panorama Parkway. Until 2006, the section from Smith Switch Road to State Route 7 was an unpaved dirt road, but was rebuilt in 2006 as a four-lane divided highway as part of the Route 28 Improvement Project. As of 2012, Smith Switch Road no longer intersects directly with Loudoun County Parkway; instead it runs into the extension eastward of Gloucester Parkway that intersects Loudoun County Parkway.


Northern Section[edit]


George Washington Boulevard, Harry Byrd Highway (SR 7), Thorndike Street, Russell Branch Parkway, Marblehead Drive, Reuse Lane, Aquairy Way, Gloucester Parkway, Redskin Park Drive, Beaumeade Circle, Beaumeade Circle, Waxpool Road (SR 625), Uunet Drive, Shellhorn Road (SR 643), Dulles Greenway/Toll Road (SR 267), Flagstaff Plaza, Centergate Drive/ Barrister Street, Westwind Drive, Hillsboro Hunt Drive, Mooreveiw Parkway/Gleedsville Manor Drive, Ryan Road (SR 772), Claiborne Parkway, Evergreen Ridge Drive


Creighton Road (SR 774)/ Evergreen Ridge Drive, Arcola Road (SR 842), Old Ox Road (SR 606)

Southern Section[edit]


Evergreen Mills Road (SR 621), John Mosby Highway (US 50), Riding Plaza, Riding Center Drive, Nations Street, Tall Cedars Parkway, Center Street, Freedom Street, Dabner Drive, Donegail Drive, Edgewater Street, Braddock Road (SR 620)/ Ticonderoga Road


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