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Amadou Sakhir Mbaye hospital
Amadou Sakhir Mbaye hospital
Louga is located in Senegal
Coordinates: 15°39′N 16°21′W / 15.650°N 16.350°W / 15.650; -16.350
Country  Senegal
Region Louga
Department Louga
Population (2007)
 • Total 82,884
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)

Louga is a town in northwestern Senegal. Louga is a cattle market centre and has road and rail links with the port city of Saint-Louis to the northwest and Dakar to the southwest. The area surrounding Louga is at the northern limits of Senegal's peanut- (groundnut-) growing area and is inhabited by the Fulani, who are generally pastoral nomads, and the Wolof, who are sedentary farmers. Louga is located in what is called the Ndiambour, which used to be part of the Cayor province.

In 2007, according to official estimates, Louga had a population of 82,884 inhabitants.


Louga is a junction station on the Dakar-Niger Railway network.

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Coordinates: 15°37′00″N 16°13′00″W / 15.61667°N 16.21667°W / 15.61667; -16.21667