Louga Department

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Location in the Louga Region
Location in the Louga Region
Country  Senegal
Region Louga Region
Capital Louga
 • Total 5,649 km2 (2,181 sq mi)
Population (2013 census)
 • Total 373,212
 • Density 66/km2 (170/sq mi)
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)

Louga Department is one of the 45 departments of Senegal, and one of the three which comprise the Louga Region.

The chief settlement is Louga, the only commune in the department.

The rural districts (communautés rurales) comprise:

  • Arrondissement of Coki:
    • Coki
    • Ndiagne
    • Thiamène Cayor
    • Pété Ouarack
    • Guet Ardo
  • Arrondissement of Keur Momar Sarr:
    • Keur Momar Sarr
    • Nguer Malal
    • Syer
    • Gande
  • Arrondissement of Mbédiène:
    • Mbédiène
    • Niomré
    • Nguidilé
    • Kéle Gueye
  • Arrondissement of Sakal:

Historic sites[1][edit]

Louga Railway Station
  • Old Artillery Barracks, commune of Louga
  • Louga Post
  • Louga Railway Station
  • Kadd Gui acacia tree, opposite Louga railway station
  • Historic site of " Toundou Diéwol "
  • Daara of Coki at Cooki


Coordinates: 15°37′00″N 16°13′00″W / 15.61667°N 16.21667°W / 15.61667; -16.21667