Lough Beg

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Lough Beg
Loch Beag
Location Northern Ireland
Coordinates 54°47′50″N 6°28′30″W / 54.79722°N 6.47500°W / 54.79722; -6.47500Coordinates: 54°47′50″N 6°28′30″W / 54.79722°N 6.47500°W / 54.79722; -6.47500
Basin countries Northern Ireland
Designated 5 January 1976
Cattle Grazing in the Lough Beg National Nature Reserve

Lough Beg (from Irish Loch Beag, meaning 'little lake'[1]) is a small freshwater lake north of Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland. The lake is located on the border between County Londonderry and County Antrim. The Lower Bann flows into it from Lough Neagh at the southern end and continues on its route to the sea from the northern end.

Church Island which is on the lake was the site of a pre-Viking monastery and during the summer it is normally reachable by foot. Due to the area's many rare plants and a stopping point for migrating birds the area was protected by the Lough Beg National Nature Reserve.

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