Lough Ree Power Station

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Lough Ree Power Station
IMG Lanesborough1720c.jpg
Lough Ree Power Station is located in Ireland
Lough Ree Power Station
Location of Lough Ree Power Station in Ireland
Country Republic of Ireland
Location Lanesborough
Coordinates 53°40′28″N 07°59′02″W / 53.67444°N 7.98389°W / 53.67444; -7.98389Coordinates: 53°40′28″N 07°59′02″W / 53.67444°N 7.98389°W / 53.67444; -7.98389
Status Operational
Commission date April 2004
Owner(s) Electricity Supply Board
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Peat
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 100 MWe

The Lough Ree Power Station is a large peat-fired power station in Lanesborough, in the Republic of Ireland. The station generates up 100 MWe of power, ranking as the Third largest peat-fired power station in the country, after West Offaly Power Station at 150 MWe.[1][2][3] and Edenderry Power Station at 120 MWe. The power station was constructed as a replacement to the ageing 85 MWe Lanesborough power station.

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