Loughmoe Castle

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Loughmoe Castle
Loughmoe Castle 2008
Viewed from Catholic church

Loughmoe Castle (Irish: Caisláin Luach Magh, also spelt Loughmore Castle) is a ruined castle at Loughmore Village, near Templemore in County Tipperary, Ireland. The castle was the ancestral home of the Purcell family, the Barons of Loughmoe.


The oldest part of the castle was originally built in the fifteenth or sixteenth centuries, and consists of a four-storey tower-house. Additions were made by the Purcell family in the seventeenth century. The family lived in Loughmoe Castle until around 1760.


The castle can be seen from the Dublin-Cork Railway line between Templemore and Thurles railway stations. If one comes through Loughmore village from the N62 road, the castle is on the right hand side after one passes under the railway bridge before one reaches the river Suir bridge.

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