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Louie Weaver III (born July 13, 1951) is a drummer most famous for being the long-time drummer of Christian rock band Petra.[1] Weaver was controversially dismissed from the band in 2003. He is currently working on several projects. In 2010, Weaver reunited with former members of Petra (Greg X. Volz, Bob Hartman, John Lawry and Mark Kelly) to form Classic Petra.


Weaver was born in Nashville, Tennessee, where he attended high school at Glencliff High School. He was part of a school jazz band playing at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium. In 1969 he graduated and continued to study in Trevecca Nazarene College. There he obtained a B.A. in percussion.

After graduating he went on to work with several artists. He was a session player for Randy Matthews and Fireworks, also touring with Matthews and Crossfire. He also played with Parable, Good Grief, and Chuck McCleod's Band.

In 1981 he joined Petra becoming a staple of the band with his trademark drumming and style. After 22 years, he was fired in 2003 amidst some controversy.[citation needed] Both Petra and Weaver have since dismissed the incident and little has been discussed of the issue since. He was replaced by Paul Simmons. In 2005 he collaborated with Project Damage Control with John Schlitt on vocals. Weaver performed briefly with a band called Viktor with other well-known veteran musicians.

Weaver played with Classic Petra from 2010 to 2012, which was a re-united version of the band featuring some of the members from the 80's: Bob Hartman, Greg X. Volz, John Lawry and Mark Kelly. This instance of the band recorded Back to the Rock in 2010, which was Weaver's first studio album with the Classic Petra lineup since Beat the System in 1984.

Weaver was voted "Favorite Drummer" by CCM Magazine's readers choice for five years in a row (1989-93.) Weaver endorses Paiste Cymbals, Vater Sticks, DW Drums, and Remo drumheads.

Personal life[edit]

Weaver is married to his wife Penny. Weaver is a fan of Mickey Mouse, using his imagery on his clothes, drums, etc. He even named his daughter after the famous mouse.


with Petra[edit]

Date of release Title Label
1982 More Power to Ya StarSong
1983 Not of this World StarSong
1984 Beat the System StarSong
1986 Captured in Time & Space StarSong
1986 Back to the Street StarSong
1987 This Means War! StarSong
1988 On Fire! StarSong
1989 Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out Dayspring/Word/Epic
1990 Beyond Belief Dayspring/Word/Epic
1991 Unseen Power Dayspring/Word/Epic
1992 Petra en Alabanza Dayspring/Word/Epic
1993 Wake-Up Call Dayspring/Word/Epic
1995 No Doubt Word/Epic
1997 Petra Praise 2: We Need Jesus Word/Epic
1998 God Fixation Word/Epic
2000 Double Take Word/Epic
2001 Revival inpop/EMI
2010 Back To The Rock Classic Petra LLC


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