Louis, Martin & Michael

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Louis, Martin & Michael
Louis, Martin & Michael.png
Written by Louis Theroux
Starring Louis Theroux
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Louis Theroux
Running time 60 minutes
Distributor BBC
Original release 16 November 2003
Preceded by Louis and the Brothel
Followed by Louis and the Nazis

Louis, Martin & Michael is a British documentary that was televised on 16 November 2003.[1]

After losing out to Martin Bashir for an opportunity to produce an official Michael Jackson documentary, Louis Theroux tries his best to obtain an interview with Michael, but cannot. In the process, Louis is seen meeting with Uri Geller and Michael's father Joseph Jackson. Louis is required to pay $5000 to interview Michael's father. The fee was negotiated through a person named Majestik Magnificent, who claims to be Michael Jackson's (and, previously, Muhammad Ali's) personal magician. Majestik participates in the second of two interviews, often prompting Mr. Jackson or interrupting Louis' questions. Majestik's own fee for securing the interview with Joseph was $500.

Louis comments about Michael during the interview to Joseph "He is so much in the public eye, I don't think he has very much left for himself."

Joe Jackson confessed in the documentary to often whipping Michael, but denied beating or abusing him.[2] After Theroux asks whether Michael would be happy settling down with a partner, an offended Jackson denies his son is gay, voices his disproval of homosexuality and ends the interview.


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