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Louis-François Ollivier (Brest, 9 March 1770 — Daoulas-près-Brest, 11 September 1820[1]) was a French Navy officer.


In 1809, Ollivier served as a Lieutenant in the Escaut squadron. Along with Lieutenant Graton, he was tasked with a reconnaissance of the canals in Bruxelles and Bruges.[2]

In 1812, promoted to Commander, Ollivier was in command of the frigate Rubis.[3] He chased and destroyed the British brig HMS Daring off Tamara in February 1813.[4] Rubis was wrecked soon after, and her consort Aréthuse rapatriated her crew after the Action of 7 February 1813.

In 1816, Ollivier commanded the frigate Revanche, on which ferried a Navy official, Marine Bourilhon, to Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, before returning to Brest.[5] The next year, he transported troops, despatches and convicts between France and Martinique.[6]


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