Louis-Frédéric Schützenberger

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Louis-Frédéric Schützenberger
Louis Frédéric SCHÜTZENBERGER.jpg
Louis Schützenberger
Born (1825-09-08)September 8, 1825
Died April 17, 1903(1903-04-17)
Nationality French
Known for Painter
Movement Realism

Louis-Frédéric Schützenberger (Strasbourg September 8, 1825, Strasbourg April 17, 1903) was a French painter.


Portrait of a Man (1897), Musée des Beaux-Arts de Strasbourg.

Schützenberger was born in an Alsatian family of famous brewers in Strasbourg. He was a student of Paul Delaroche and Marc-Charles-Gabriel Gleyre at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts. Chevalier French Legion of Honor since 1870.

In a period between 1870 and 1885 he was the owner of the Scharrachbergheim-Irmstett castle, where he had made his studio on the first floor.

The artist René Schützenberger was his first cousin once removed.



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